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The best card games for Android phones

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android has a large number of games, you can easily find any genre, so you will surely find that title you have always been looking for. It has excellent motorcycle video games, the catalog of horror games is very extensive and the same goes for RPG titles. In addition, it also has the best card games of the moment, so we will review these.

The card game genre comprises a huge variety of titles and they are great to play on mobile.

The best card games stand out for having first-rate multiplayer. The experience is one of the best, as they are entertaining and test your skill and knowledge of the decks. Here we will say which are those titles that offer you impeccable gameplay.

– Hearthstone: is one of the most popular card video games, the goal is to build a powerful deck with World of Warcraft characters before you can challenge any opponent. The number of cards available is staggering, allowing hundreds of different combinations to be made to surprise the enemy. We can describe it as a game that is easy to learn, but difficult to master.

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– GWENT: This is another PvP card battle game that is based on The Witcher 3 title minigame. GWENT simulates massive battles instead of a duel between two people. Each game is divided into three rounds and the participants win when they score more points than their opponent.

– Reigns: It may be one of the best card games because it offers a unique experience. It is made only for one player and the objective is to manage a kingdom by means of cards. It’s all about making the best decisions to keep the church, the town, and the army happy. It seems simple, but it is really challenging.

– Magic: The Gathering Arena: a card game that is a direct adaptation of the physical version of it. You will fight against other players in real time using all kinds of monsters, tools and spells that the cards give you. In order to win, you have to apply well-calculated strategic movements.

– Legends of Runeterra: We are facing a balanced title thanks to the fact that it places a limit on the number of cards that can be purchased per week. Its gameplay is based on a combination of attack and defense to defeat other players. It is an accessible and simple title, perfect for people who do not want to complicate their lives.

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– Cultist Simulator: the mechanics is to build your own cult so that you have the ability to summon various gods. To achieve this goal, you must avoid suspicion, translate ancient texts and recruit followers so that you have the most powerful deities.

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