The best Battle Royal type games for Android mobiles

Android has a large number of video games, there are genres for all tastes. One of the genres that have the most pull today are Battle Royal-type games. In fact, you can even play Fortnite on an Android mobile and very soon Call of Duty: Warzone will arrive on smartphones.

Battle royale titles have become the core concept of a large number of video games.

But in addition to those two titles, on Android you will find many games of this type, that is why in this article you will find a list with the most striking of 2022. You will know which are the best Battle Royales so that you can put your skills to the test. They offer hours of fun and have a huge community of players.

– Apex Legends Mobile: It is one of the most popular mobile video games. It has the same pace as the PC and console version, which is great. Also, a big plus point is that the on-screen controls are perfectly laid out and intuitive. The experience is one of the most satisfying.

– FOG: It may be one of the most interesting titles on this list because it includes elements of the RPG and MOBA genre. In addition, the battle scene is incredible, since everything has a medieval touch that suits it excellently. The objective is to survive the invading fog, for this you must use all the resources you have at your disposal, it is not just about eliminating other players.

– Zombs Royale: a unique look at what a Battle Royale is, it has 2D graphics and the camera focuses from above. The objective is not out of the ordinary, which is to survive the other 99 players who are scattered all over the map. It can be played alone, in duos or in a squad. To live up to its name, it offers a very fun zombie mode.

– Call of Duty: Mobile: a classic from the world of Battle Royales when it comes to mobiles. You will have to survive and get the best weapons to increase your chances of winning. You can also choose from various special abilities to optimize your arsenal when fighting.

– PUBG: New State: It was the one that opened the world of Battle Royales on computers and consoles. On mobile, New State is one of the most popular due to the highly polished gaming experience. For starters, the controls are comfortable, there are no complications, and the graphics are top notch.