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The best apps to track your habits

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Currently, on Google Play, it is possible to find numerous applications whose objective is help us improve in different areas, whether it be to exercise more, to be more supportive or even to save money. Within this group, there are also apps that allow us to track our habits.

With them, we can keep track of, for example, what days we play sports, how many books we read, how much water we drink or something as simple as if we went up / down the stairs instead of taking the elevator. From there, we will have it easier to abandon bad habits and enhance good ones. Here are a few free alternatives for this purpose

Fabulous: Motivate me!


This app, with an average score of 4.5 and more than 5 million downloads to its credit, not only allows you to track your habits but also gives you the possibility to set smart and healthy routines and goals. It has several training programs (including one for weight loss) and a personal trainer, although some functions are paid.

Fabulous: Motivate me!



Designed to record your habits and achieve your goals, the HabitHub app boasts an average score of 4.1 and 500,000 downloads. The free version allows the record up to five daily habits and offers reminders, cloud backup, sesi widgets and a series of motivating phrases. There is a premium paid version with unlimited habit registration and more features.

HabitHub – Habit tracker & Goal tracker motivation



A few years ago, HabitRPG completely redesigned their app and renamed it Habitica; Since then, it has exceeded one million downloads and has an average rating of 4.3. Its secret is that it raises us live our life like it’s a game to motivate us while we organize ourselves. Just enter your habits, your daily goals and your to-do list, and create your own character. As you complete the tasks, you will level up and unlock armor, pets, abilities, and even missions.

Habitica: Gamify your Tasks

Quitzilla: Give up bad habits


An average rating of 4.8 and over a million downloads support this app designed for monitor your bad habits or addictions and analyze them in order to leave them behind. It doesn’t matter if you want to quit smoking, consume less alcohol or reduce the time you spend on video games, Quitzilla shows you your time of abstinence and the money you have saved in it, at the same time that it offers you motivating phrases and a system of rewards and achievement trophies.

Quitzilla: Give up bad habits

  • Developer: despDev
  • Download it at: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Health and wellness

Goal Tracker and Habit List


Inspired by Jerry Seinfeld’s productivity secret, this app boasts being simple and free, no in-app purchases or ads, which has helped him to exceed one million downloads and achieve an average score of 4.6. Its function, basically, is to monitor your habits daily and then check your weekly and monthly progress. It includes widgets and allows to export the data to Google Drive, Dropbox and / or local storage.

Goal Tracker and Habit List

Loop – Habit Analyzer


A 4.6 is the note of the Loop Habit Analyzer, which has also exceeded one million downloads on Google Play. Their goal is to help you create and maintain good habits, allowing you to achieve your long-term goals. To do this, it offers individual reminders of each habit, as well as highly detailed graphs and statistics that show how your habits improve over time. It is open source and does not include advertising.

Loop – Habit Analyzer

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