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The best apps to take surveys

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Every day it is more common to be part of a group on social networks or in communication applications such as WhatsApp or Discord. As groups get larger, getting data and answers out of them can be increasingly difficult. Luckily, we have apps to do surveys that make it easy for us to carry out these questions quickly and easily.

Survey apps allow us to easily find answers to questions we ask large groups of people.

-Doodle (android and ios): It is a free application for Android and iOS, but it can also be used from any desktop browser. It is a very complete application that, among other things, allows us to create surveys through WhatsApp or Discord. As well as choose several options to schedule meetings directly on Zoom, Webex or Google Meet.

Doodle App illustration

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-Voliz (Android): It is one of the most used applications to carry out surveys on WhatsApp. It offers many options to share surveys with private contacts, groups or even in distribution lists, which makes it a very interesting option to improve c-commerce processes, creating conversation flows with our customers.

voliz illustration

-Pollie (iOS and Android): It is one of the most complete applications to do surveys. In this case, in addition to WhatsApp, it is compatible with other applications and platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Apple Mail, Telegram or WeChat. It allows you to add images, limit the number of times you can vote, set dates or allow voters to create personalized responses.

chicken illustration

-Google Forms: It is one more tool of the Google suite and one of the best free alternatives to create surveys and forms. Although it does not have too many visual customization options, it does offer a fairly extensive collection of templates, as well as several different types of questions, very flexible to configure the survey to our liking.

google forms illustration

-Poll For All (Android and iOS): It is an app to do surveys on iOS, Android and also for the main desktop browsers. It has features for anyone to easily create surveys. It has notifications to know when you vote or new questions are added. It also allows you to schedule events or suggest dates for an event based on our calendar, as it integrates with most calendar apps.

Poll for All illustration


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