The best apps to follow all the Holy Week processions

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procesion semana santa lorca.jpg

Holy Week procession in the city of Lorca

Holy Week is approaching and it is important that we are prepared to enjoy it in style. Of course, the best way to do it is downloading the most recommended applications. Next, we tell you what they are so that you can install them on your mobile, whether Android or iPhone.

Thanks to mobile phones we have a very practical tool with which to stay informed of the processions and all the events that are celebrated throughout Holy Week. If you plan to travel and go to another city, These apps will be essential. Because maybe in your city you are already used to it, but in a new place it is best to have some support so that you don’t miss anything.

Before starting, what we can tell you is that the different apps available are usually differentiated by the city or cities they cover. So, check them all out the recommendations we make to you and look for the one that fits with the place where you are going to enjoy Holy Week in 2024.

The Penitent – ​​Holy Week

You could say that this is the most classic app when it comes to mobile tools that support Holy Week. This is achieved due to the large series of contents that it makes available to userscovering in this case the processions of both Malaga and Seville.

El Penitente mobile application to follow processions

The interesting thing, on the other hand, is that its functions go beyond simply indicating the times and routes of the processions. So, for example, it has a warning system with notifications, allows you to customize the tool choosing Nazarene Corporation and update the data in real time. Due to this, during the days of Holy Week it is a trusted tool on which we can rely to be informed of everything. Even if some type of incident, delay or problem occurs in the processions, the application will inform us about it through its geolocation system. This way we will know at all times where the pass is and we will have a clear idea of ​​where we will have to go.

The Penitent - Holy Week
The Penitent – Holy Week
Developer: Alberto Jimenez

The Penitent
The Penitent

Other functions include an educational section where you can consult a brotherhood dictionary or access other curiosities and data related to the processions. Due to its volume of content, it is one of the apps that, year after year, is always among the most recommended.

Guide Cross

It also focuses on Holy Week in Seville, but the way in which it shares the content, the Updated routes and information, provides a most interesting depth. We can be up to date with the latest news about the Sevillian brotherhoods, know their itineraries, schedules and any other information that may be important.

Application to follow processions Cruz de Guía Radio Sevilla

Along with the updated information that is introduced into the app each year, the tool has sections that allow you to delve into other aspects of the brotherhoods. That, for example, will help you know the history of each of them or to explore some of its most important moments. Of course, following the style of other similar apps, in Cruz de Guía you also have information about the weather, which will be essential to know that it will not rain on the day of the procession that interests you.

Cruz de Gu to Radio Sevilla
Guide Cross Radio Seville
Developer: Union Radio

Cross of Gu to S Santa Sevilla
Guiding Cross. Saint Seville

This application is developed by Radio Sevilla and also includes a video section maintained by the team in charge of its development. In addition, quick access is included so that it is possible to listen to the coverage of the broadcasts in real time.

Holy Week Malaga

If the previous recommendation was one of the best for exclusive coverage of Seville, in this case we give you a good idea to May you enjoy the processions of Malaga. And, as in the previous case, it is a radio that is behind its development, in this case COPE. It is already updated with the information corresponding to 2024, so you can download it and start planning how you are going to enjoy these days in the city.

Holy Week Málaga COPE mobile application

Although its design is quite classic, something that may be understandable considering that its peak of popularity occurs only once a year, it is an app that focuses on comfort. And yes you can say that it is easy access all brotherhood datato their stories and details, as well as the times in which the processions will take place.

Holy Week M laga COPE
Holy Week Malaga COPE

Holy Week M laga COPE
Holy Week Malaga COPE

As in the previous case, this app has a weather warning system which will allow you to know the days when it will rain, which will be essential to be aware of possible delays or cancellations in the processions. No less important, their maps are very simple, so it will be easy for you to find your way around each of the routes.

Holy Week Jaen

We leave aside Seville and Malaga, which there is no doubt are the two leading cities for enjoy the processions and Holy Week, and we go to other destinations. With this app that we recommend, what we do is stay informed of everything that happens in the Jaén processions, including schedules and all the details we need.

PassionEnJaén mobile app

One of the most positive aspects of this app, beyond focusing on Jaén, is that it has the capacity for users to be aware of the two GPS devices that each brotherhood has. In that way it is possible track in real time of maximum precision. In addition, the two devices are placed at the beginning and end, which can make things much easier if we have not arrived in time to see the start of the procession and we want to know if we still have the opportunity to enjoy it thoroughly.

Pasi n in Ja n
Passion in Jaén
Developer: Jose Ibanez

Holy Week Ja n
Holy Week Jaen

It is one of the procession apps that is updated the most and also one of the stands out more for its volume of news. In this case, its responsibility is the PasiónEnJaén news medium, which is responsible for keeping the app up to date so that it is the main tool consulted by those who are going to enjoy Holy Week in this place.

Other recommended apps

The entire country dresses up with the intention of enjoying Holy Week, so you can imagine that there are many apps that are available. Some, unfortunately, have been abandoned over the years and do not include updated information. Nevertheless, We have some additional recommendations ones that can be used with confidence in this year 2024.

sSantaZgz mobile app

If you go to enjoy the processions in Zaragoza, the app we recommend is sSantaZgz, which is already ready for 2024 since its update this March. The advantage of this application is that it is financed by Zaragoza Tourism, so it includes trustworthy information and all the updated data you may need to enjoy these special days.

Compared to other years, they have been added best geolocation systems, which will make it easier to keep track of the processions. It also has an alert system that will help you so you don’t miss any of the events planned for Holy Week.

Developer: Kchirubits


Following the processions of other places such as Almería is also possible, for which you can access this application available on Google Play. Another interesting option is Semana Santa Palencia, which It was updated a few days ago with the information corresponding to 2024, being available both on iOS here and on Google Play here.

Holy Week Almería application for mobile phones

You can also take note of the Semana Santa Jerez app for this part of the country, which is accessible from Google Play and the App Store at this link for Android and iOS devices respectively. If you need an app for another cityWhat we recommend is that you look in the app store on your mobile phone and search for “Holy Week city name”, always paying attention to the comments to ensure that it is a quality app. In addition, it is recommended that you look at the last update that the application has received, since if it is from several years ago you can imagine that it will not be useful to you.

Some of these apps may not yet have updated data for 2024but if they were active in 2023, it is more than likely that they will be updated in the coming days.

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