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The best apps to do a personality test on your mobile

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There are numerous mobile applications whose center is to improve the user’s health: apps to improve the consumption of vitamins, others teach you to do CrossFit like a professional… There are also apps focused on psychology, because it is also necessary to take care of the mind, as is the case with applications that have the ability to do a personality test on your mobile.

If you constantly think about who you are and how you can define yourself, this type of application will give you part of the answer.

Personality problems are extremely common, since getting to know yourself in detail is not as easy a task as it seems. In this case, the apps that carry out a personality test on your mobile are very useful because they do a good job. Here we will give a list with the best of today.

– PsyTest: It is not only focused on the personality test, it goes further. It has the ability to detect anxiety disorders through a series of questions, it also tracks obsessive-compulsive disorder, stress and panic disorders, etc. As for the test, it will reveal your most positive and negative points so that you have an idea of ​​your psychological profile.

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Personality test on Android and iOS mobile

– Personality Trait Test: It helps you to know your weaknesses and strengths, so it is an ally of the individual’s self-development. It is in the ability to determine the type of personality that defines you, it has 16 recognition profiles to be more precise in the results that it will show once you complete the analysis.

Best mobile personality tests

– Personality Test: an application that aims to improve the psychological work of the user. It has a theoretical section that explains what the personality test is for and how it works. The analysis is very complete, it asks precise questions that will really determine the traits of your character, it also offers many useful tips.

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psychology apps

– Charma: Personality Test: It has an advanced personality test. This means that the test is very precise, each question has a scientific basis. A great point in favor is that it throws the complete analysis in less than ten seconds. These come with graphs and a data analysis chart.

Psychological profiling apps

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