The best apps for handwriting on your mobile

apps for handwriting on android and ios
apps for handwriting on android and ios
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Apps for handwriting on Android and iOS

Writing by hand has multiple benefits, such as improving memory, favoring the association of ideas and logical reasoning, avoiding anxiety and combating stress, as well as promoting creativity. With the arrival of electronic devices and computers, handwriting has been lost, luckily, there are some apps to write by hand on the mobile with which to recover this beneficial habit.

Handwriting apps can be used in conjunction with the stylus, but they also allow you to draw and write using your fingers.

– «Paper» (iOS): It is an application that allows you to capture ideas, clarify concepts and make sketches. It has social functions to share the texts and drawings made by hand on social networks or by email. Its strong point is the feeling of writing on paper.

Paper, iOS, handwriting app

– “Handwriting memo” (Android): This handwriting app offers a library of types of paper and pens, with which to write, take notes or scribble on our Android phones and tablets. It has social functions to share the created images and autosave functions.

Handwriting Memo, app to write by hand on Android

– “Penultimate” (iOS): One of the most complete handwriting apps on the App Store. It allows you to create notebooks, integrates with notepad apps like Evernote, and offers a wide variety of writing and drawing options. It integrates perfectly with the Apple “stylus”, as it has been designed in conjunction with the peripheral.

Penultimate, iOS, handwriting app

– “Handwriting notebook” (Android): It is a simple and minimalist handwriting app. It allows you to create new sheets and notebooks, change the pen size and color, and save your notes or drawings. It is an app focused on a child audience, so it lacks deep options.

Handwriting pad, Android app for handwriting

– “Squid-Take Notes” (Android): “Squid” allows you to take notes with your fingers, with a pencil or with a passive pointer. It has functionalities to fill in PDF forms, edit or grade jobs, sign documents, import images, draw on them and add digitized text.

Squid, Android and iOS, app to take notes by hand