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The best antivirus for your computer

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If you want your computer to be as secure as possible, an excellent option that you have within your reach is to get hold of one of the best antivirus of the moment. When software does a good job, it will go beyond Trojans or malware. By this we mean that it must be complete, work on various devices, encrypt data with a VPN, etc.

Cyber ​​attacks are becoming more common, so you must have an antivirus that protects your personal information.

Currently, the market has a huge catalog of these programs, to the point that it is difficult to choose the right one. For this reason, here we have created a list of the best antivirus for your computer. They do a professional job, they will keep any hacker at bay.

– Bitdefender: is capable of detecting all kinds of viruses on the computer, nothing will escape it. It also recognizes phishing schemes to warn you early. Likewise, it offers a list with the portals that are safe to navigate and has a password manager.

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– Vipre Advance Security: A great point in favor is that it does not consume many resources. It is capable of stopping any type of malicious file, monitors emails and automatically quarantines suspicious messages.

– Avast Free Antivirus: is one of the most competent free solutions on the market. Not only does it combat malware, but it offers a password manager, extra home network security, and a VPN to hide your identity whenever you want. Also, the interface is very intuitive and clean.

– McAfee: It is one of the most complete antivirus of the moment, reaching perfect results when detecting malware. A unique quality is that it has encrypted online storage and additional protection for cryptocurrency accounts. It also has a VPN that is used to browse anonymously.

– Norton 360: Norton’s partnership with LifeLock has made it an exceptional tool because it can monitor the black market to report if your identity is at risk. The system creates an alert when your email address, date of birth or social security number is illegally sold on the Internet.

– Trend Micro Antivirus: uses state-of-the-art technology to recognize portals that are legitimate or fake. It is also capable of detecting phishing and includes a tool called Pay Guard. This is to protect your personal financial information while doing any banking or shopping online.

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