The best anti-mosquito apps

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The anti-mosquito apps They are accessories that will help you scare away annoying insects on hot days and nights or after heavy rain. This is possible thanks to the emission of high-frequency sounds imperceptible to the human ear through the speakers of your smartphone.

Avoid the unpleasant sound of mosquitoes and the dangerous diseases they often carry.

It is true that anti-mosquito apps may not be as effective or as varied as some gadgets to combat heat waves. However, these tools continue to be an almost indispensable alternative when it comes to apps for the summer. Here we present some of the best.

Best apps to get rid of mosquitoes

– Mosquito Sound: It has positive reviews on the Google Play Store. This is because the tool can be set to play sounds above 17 kHz, which are unbearable for mosquitoes. The app is quite intuitive. You simply have to slide your finger over the green bar to calibrate the intensity. Just remember to turn up the multimedia volume of your smartphone to the maximum level.

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– Frequency generator: It is a useful tool not only to scare away insects. And it is that this frequency generator developed by Hoel Boedec can be used to test a wide variety of sounds and frequencies on your mobile. Of course, setting the “Sine” function and calibrating the frequency emission from 20 kHz onwards will allow you to get rid of mosquitoes around you.

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– Ultrasound Barrier: another app that can play sounds from 15 kHz onwards, which are considered ultrasonic and are not annoying to humans at all. So, this application will help you to stun mosquitoes. However, you can also take advantage of it for activities such as training your dog instead of using a whistle.

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– Mosquito Escape Sound: it is extremely easy to use. You just have to touch the power button and let the tool do its job. Of course, keep the volume of your mobile at the highest level. Also, the developer recommends keeping in mind that some speakers do not have the capacity to produce all sound frequencies in the range between 9 and 20 kHz.

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– Mosquito Repellent: According to its description, this tool not only scares away mosquitoes, but also other insects and even domestic animals such as dogs and cats. A very remarkable feature of this app is that it works in the background. This will allow you to use other apps while staying protected from mosquitoes.

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