The best Android smartphones between 200 and 300 euros in June 2020

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The Best Android Smartphones Between 200 And 300 Euros In.jpg

The last few weeks have seen the arrival on the market of several important smartphones, from Redmi Note 9 Pro to Samsung Galaxy M31.

special The best Android smartphones between 200 and 300 euros in June 2020


The second Sunday of June has arrived and we are in the middle of 2020. The moment is, therefore, the right one to draw conclusions on the most valid smartphones that fall within the price range ranging from 200 to 300 euros. The last few weeks have brought several innovations on the market, from Redmi Note 9 Pro to Samsung Galaxy M31, but there are also models such as Huawei P Smart S and OPPO A72. In short, even this month the news to talk about is certainly not lacking. The smartphone market is giving great proof in a period like the current one. We are therefore going to analyze the solutions available in this market segment, reminding you that the prices taken into consideration are those of Amazon Italy or at most the official websites of the manufacturers.

Redmi Note 9 Pro

The Redmi Note range certainly needs no introduction, especially in Italy. Redmi Note 9 Pro is the spearhead of the 2020 lineup of the company, given its excellent quality/price ratio. In fact, the cost is currently set at 269.90 euros on Amazon Italy (6 / 64GB). The main strengths are the good display, the triple slot (two nanoSIM + microSD), a photographic compartment that does not disappoint expectations and a complete connectivity compartment (which includes NFC, audio jack and USB Type-C port). For more details on the datasheet, we advise you to consult the announcement news.
In any case, this is not a perfect smartphone. There are several flaws, such as weight not exactly of the lowest and some software side smudging. Furthermore, the absence of a high refresh rate is felt (in this market segment there are already devices with 90 Hz screens, as we will see later). In any case, Redmi Note 9 Pro is certainly one of the most interesting solutions in this price range.

Realme 6 (8 / 128GB)

Realme is one of the most interesting brands that have arrived in recent years. It is rapidly gaining the trust of people in our country, thanks to smartphones with an excellent quality/price ratio. In the range between 200 and 300 euros, the most convincing model in the company’s portfolio is the 8 / 128GB variant of Realme 6, a device that also has a display with 90 Hz refresh rate. This is certainly a not inconsiderable point in favour since there are few models under € 300 that have this possibility. The other strengths lie in the performances that do not disappoint expectations, in the renewed software department (the Realme UI), in the complete connectivity sector (there are triple slots, NFC, USB Type-C and audio jack for headphones), in the fast charging at 30W and in good cameras. For more information on the technical characteristics, we refer you to the announcement news.
The only flaws are the design, the build quality not the best and the autonomy not at the top (also due to the 90 Hz screen). In short, Realme 6 may not be a device for everyone, but the price of 259 euros on Amazon Italy is very interesting.

Realme X2

Although the Realme 6 range has already arrived on the market, Realme X2 deserves a place in this ranking by right, also thanks to the recent arrival of the update to the Realme UI based on Android 10. The smartphone gives its best in the good constructive solidity, in above-average performance, in the photographic sector that does not disappoint expectations, in the excellent screen and in the complete connectivity sector (there is no shortage of NFC, Bluetooth 5.0, audio jack, USB Type-C and fast charging at 30W). For all the details of the case, we advise you to refer to the review of Realme X2. As for software, you should take a look at our Realme UI test instead.

It is a smartphone that has very few defects, such as the speed not exactly the best for the in-display fingerprint sensor. Realme X2 is currently sold for € 289 on Amazon Italy through resellers (8 / 128GB).

Motorola Moto G8 Power

There is a certain type of user who loves the almost “stock” experience of Motorola smartphones and who appreciates the brand’s philosophy from every point of view. If you fall into this group of people, Motorola Moto G8 Power is a device that could definitely do for you. In fact, if you can go beyond the absence of NFC and 5GHz Wi-Fi, not exactly the best photographic sector and only average performance, this device can be interesting. We were actually a little undecided whether to insert it or not, since those mentioned above are still important limits, but also the strengths are interesting, from the 5000 mAh battery to the aforementioned “stock” experience, via the stereo audio sector. Present support for 18W charging, the USB Type-C port and the audio jack for headphones. Another very interesting aspect of Motorola Moto G8 Power is the price: 229 euros on Amazon Italy (4 / 64GB).

Market choice: Samsung Galaxy M31

According to the ranking of Bestsellers smartphones on Amazon Italy, this month the device that has almost convinced the Italians is Samsung Galaxy M31 (at the time of writing, we remember that the Amazon rankings are updated every hour). It is a recently released model that can be purchased for 279 euros (6 / 64GB). Its peculiar characteristic is the presence of one 6000 mAh battery, able to guarantee exceptional autonomy. Other points in favour of the device are the good AMOLED screen and the photographic sector that does not disappoint expectations. Too bad only for performances that are not exactly the best, which made many people turn up their noses. In any case, given the response of the public, Galaxy M31 can certainly prove interesting for a certain type of user.

Upcoming Arrivals and Announcements: From Samsung Galaxy M21 to TCL 10L

Even this month the devices released are certainly not lacking and sometimes even we in the sector struggle to take into account all the smartphones that arrive on the market. But don’t worry: as always, there is this paragraph dedicated to “upcoming arrivals and announcements” to give some space even to those models that have been announced a little in the background. Let’s start from Samsung Galaxy M21, a smartphone that is sold for 229 euros on Amazon Italy (4 / 64GB). It is a device that focuses a lot on the 6000 mAh battery, but that goes to “cut” a little on the photographic sector and on other aspects compared to Galaxy M31, which we have already talked about previously.

The announcement of Huawei P Smart S, a device with HMS (no GMS) which costs 259.90 euros on the official website (4 / 128GB). Then there is Motorola One Fusion +, which will soon arrive in Italy at a price of 299 euros (6 / 128GB). For more information, we refer you to the announcement news. Announced a bit ‘on the sly, there is also no shortage LG K61 (4 / 128GB) e LG K51S (3 / 64GB), which respectively have a price of 299.90 euros and 219.90 euros. Not to underestimate OPPO A72, which costs 277 euros on Amazon Italy (4 / 128GB). We told you more about it in the announcement news. For the rest, you may want to take a look at Samsung Galaxy A41, sold at 245 euros on Amazon Italy through resellers (4 / 64GB, more details here) and a TCL 10L, available at 249 euros on Amazon Italy (6 / 64GB).