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The best Android smartphones between 200 and 300 euros in July 2020

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The smartphone market is always very busy: even this month there is no shortage of news in the range between 200 and 300 euros.

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In this period many manufacturers are engaged in the “battle to democratize 5g”, so the main releases of the last few weeks have focused on the 400 euro range, as we let you know in our review of Realme X50. However, this does not mean that the market segment between 200 and 300 euros has not given satisfaction. Indeed, between the Samsung Galaxy A31 announcement and the price drop of devices such as Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite and OPPO A91, the aspects to be analyzed are not lacking also this month. As always, we remind you that the prices taken into consideration for drawing up the “ranking” are exclusively those of Amazon Italy and the official websites of the manufacturers.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite

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Arrived in Italy in May 2020, Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite has already dropped from the initial 369.99 euros to the current Amazon 300 euros through retailers (6 / 64GB). It is an interesting device, especially in this price range. Its main strengths lie in the excellent photographic sector, in the complete connectivity department (there are also NFC and audio jacks), in the performances that do not disappoint expectations, in the good constructive solidity, in the fast recharge at 30W and in the granite autonomy (5260 mAh battery). Of course, there is some small burr, from the inability to expand the memory to some ads present in certain contexts, passing through a screen with “only” standard refresh rate (60 Hz). However, compared to its current price, it is certainly one of the best solutions in this range.

Realme 6 (8 / 128GB)

Realme is launching an interesting product after another. There are few devices that the company has made a mistake so far and, while still having to go a little way to make themselves known to the mainstream public, fans have already understood what the company is capable of doing. Realme 6, in its variant with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of memory, is a very good smartphone, able to offer features that are difficult to find in this price range. We refer mainly to display with 90 Hz refresh rate, which offers a fluidity from which it is difficult to go back once tried. There are also performances that do not disappoint expectations, a software department that finally winks at the West (here more information on Realme UI), a not bad connectivity sector (there are triple slots, NFC, USB Type-C and audio jack for headphones), a good photographic department and a fast 30W charge.

In any case, this is not a perfect smartphone: the design may not convince everyone, the build quality is not the best and the autonomy is not the same as that of other devices (this is also due to the 90 Hz display). In short, Realme 6 could interest a certain type of users, also considering the interesting price of 261 euros on Amazon Italy.

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Redmi Note 9 Pro

Xiaomi has convinced its fans also this year with the Redmi Note 9 range. In particular, the most interesting model is the Pro variant, also seen the recent price drop, which led the smartphone to cost 260.90 euros on Amazon Italy through resellers (6 / 128GB). The device gives its best in the good display, in the photographic sector that can satisfy many users and in the complete connectivity sector (there are NFC, audio jack, triple-slot and USB Type-C port).

Unfortunately, there are some flaws, such as a weight that is not the most contained, some software smudging and the absence of an “increased” refresh rate display. In any case, Redmi Note 9 Pro is definitely a model to be taken into consideration.

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Another interesting price drop, which has taken place in recent weeks, is that of OPPO A91, a smartphone that is sold for € 298 on Amazon Italy (8 / 128GB). It is a newly released device that convinces mainly by autonomy, build quality, design and display, but it leaves something to be desired because of its not the best performance. In any case, one of the most criticized aspects of the smartphone was the launch price, which was equal to 329 euros. The recent decline makes it more interesting, although all the aspects described clearly remain. If you are users who appreciate the classic experience offered by OPPO and want to point to a device of this type, you may be interested in taking a look at the A91 model.

Market choice: Samsung Galaxy A51

Arrived in our country in early 2020, Samsung Galaxy A51 is a smartphone that particularly impressed the users. In fact, not only is the device in the lead in this price range in the ranking of Bestsellers smartphones on Amazon Italy, but it is also the best-selling Android model in the world in the first quarter of this year. Do you think that the critics did not welcome it exactly in the best way, but the problem was above all its list price of 379 euros, considered by many to be too high, and certainly the power of the brand has done its part? In any case, it is certainly an intriguing model at 264 euros on Amazon Italy through resellers (model 4 / 128GB).

The Galaxy A range is doing very well, given that the Galaxy A50 predecessor was among the most purchased smartphones in Europe. Returning to the device itself, its major strengths are in the excellent display, in the good software and in the complete connectivity compartment (there is no shortage of NFC, audio jack for headphones and triple slot). However, the performances are not exactly the best, the autonomy is average and the photographic sector has some smudges. In any case, many people are feeling comfortable with this model and therefore it can be interesting to take a look at it.

Upcoming Arrivals and Announcements: From Samsung Galaxy A31 to Galaxy M21

The devices that arrived in this range recently are certainly not lacking. In particular, the last few weeks have seen the announcement of Samsung Galaxy A31, which is sold in Italy at a price of 299.90 euros. There are also other devices from the South Korean company to keep under control, Galaxy M21 to Galaxy M31, but of these two models, there will be a way to talk in more detail in the future in the respective reviews. For the rest, we briefly mention some models that you might be interested in deepening: Huawei P Smart S, Motorola One Fusion +, LG K61, LG K51S, OPPO A52, Samsung Galaxy A41 and TCL 10L. We had already talked about these models last month, but it is always better to refresh one’s memory given the number of models on the market.

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