The best always leave: 12 things we said goodbye to on Android in 2023

the best always leave 12 things we said goodbye to.webp.webp.webp
the best always leave 12 things we said goodbye to.webp.webp.webp
2023 comes to an end, and we have a unique opportunity to look back and remember those who fell by the wayside. In the 365 days of 2023 there was time to discover new applications and games, but also We have said goodbye to services, apps and more things related to our Android phones.

As a tribute, we will respectfully remember the fallen of this 2023, as we did in previous years. Whether they were the best or not, we chose to remember them fondly in this last goodbye before changing the year.

Google Stadia


Date of death: January 18, 2023.

Rumors of the closure of the service Google game streaming They had been coming for a long time and finally ended up being confirmed last year, although The final closure did not come until the beginning of the year.

The closure of Stadia was one of the big hits of last year even though Google offered a refund to those who paid for games. As for the controller, Google gave us a break until next year to turn it into a Bluetooth controller and not become a paperweight.

The Street View app


Date of death: March 21, 2023.

Another farewell this year that is an echo of last year is the closure of the Street View application. The application not necessary to view Street View on Google Maps since version 2.0, so it had remained a place to see and publish this type of content.

Although Google announced its closure last year, the application survived a couple of months in 2023, being permanently removed on March 21. Since then, you must use Google Maps to upload spherical photos and the website of Street View Studio for everything else.

MariSilicon chips

The dream of OPPO’s MariSilicon processors ended two years after its creation, after in May the company will announce the closure of Zekuhe microprocessor design department.

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Zeku is survived by NPU MariSilicon Xfocused on photography and video processing of its highest-end phones and present in the OPPO Find X5, OPPO Reno8 Pro and in the Oppo Find X6.

Archived Hangouts Photos


Date of death: July 19, 2023.

Google gave us a big scare this year when it announced that it was going to delete some of our photos without much advance notice. Fortunately, the decluttering a la Marie Kondo was limited to photo albums of extinct products, like Hangouts.

Photos of extinct products like Hangouts or Google+ ended up in the storage room that Google called album archive. This file went to the trash on July 19, 2023, unless you downloaded a backup first.



Date of death: July 24, 2023.

Is Twitter dead? Depending on who you ask, the answer will be a resounding no or yes, but the truth is that since Elon Musk closed the purchase at the end of last year, the social network has been turned upside down and competition has arisen even under the stones.

Twitter began its new stage in a turbulent way with all kinds of changes made and undone, which were culminated with Twitter name change to X from which some of us have not yet recovered. Twitter is dead. Long live X.

Huawei Music


Date of death: August 31, 2023.

Huawei has spent the last few years building all kinds of applications and services for fill the gap left by the absence of Google on their devices, but not everything ended up prospering. By the end of the year, Huawei was going elsewhere with musicat least in Huawei Music.

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Huawei Music is the music application pre-installed on home phones with which you can play the files that you have saved locally on your phone, but since 2020 I wanted to compete with Spotify, offering you streaming music for about 9.99 euros per month. After the closure of the streaming service, Huawei Music is once again an old-fashioned player.

Gafas Google


Date of death: September 15, 2023.

Google Glass is like the end-of-level monster that seems to have died, but always comes back. We tested the originals more than ten years ago and since then they have tried reinvent itself several times as business glasseslike the ones we met in 2019.

It is precisely these, the Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2, that stopped receiving software updates since September 15, which means that at any time they could stop working with Google Meet. The glasses stopped being sold a few months before.

Facebook Messenger Lite


Date of death: September 18, 2023.

There was a time when what was fashionable was to create Lite versions of applications, but now that entry-level mobile phones are not as “potato” as in the past, What you need to do is close the Lite applications and force everyone to use the main application.

Messenger Lite stopped working in September, so those who used it had to install normal messenger or use another messaging app. The normal Messenger, by the way, also buried a function this year: SMS.

Notifications in the context menu


Date of death: October 4, 2023.

A change in Android 14 that caught us a little off guard is that they are no longer displayed notifications from an app when you long touch on its icon, in the context menu.

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This is the behavior in the official Google launcher on the Pixelalthough each manufacturer is free to continue implementing it and, in fact, you will still have it if you use a launcher like Nova Launcher.



Date of death: October 26, 2023.

One of the bombshell news of the year came from Xiaomi, which announced that MIUI would give way to HyperOSits new mobile operating system and everything else.

Xiaomi marked a Huawei with HyperOS, which ended the year reaching a handful of phones and From now on it will be Xiaomi’s system for new releases and those that are updated.

Unlimited WhatsApp backup


Date of death: From December 1, 2023.

This year we had a strong deja vu and bad memories of the Google Photos unlimited backup incident from a few years agowhen WhatsApp announced something similar: its backup would begin to be deducted from Google shared storageif we save it in Google Drive.

Until now, the WhatsApp backup on Google Drive was not deducted from the total whether it occupied 20 MB or 20 GB, but this will soon no longer be the case. In fact, WhatsApp already began to notify users of the change since December 1 and it is expected to be applied to all users in the first months of 2024.

Google Play Movies


Date of death: January 17, 2024.

Last year Google Play Music left and this year we said goodbye to Google Play Movies. The application had long been replaced by the Google TV application on mobile, but survived on Android TV.

After Google integrated purchased movies and series into a new tab on Android TV (or YouTube, as the case may be), the fate of Google Play Movies was sealed forever. You will see the new year, but will close completely before the end of January.

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