The best alternatives to Spotify [2023]


Spotify is the most widely used music streaming service in the world and where you can achieve very good sound quality, but there are many other platforms where you can listen to music and also podcasts and audiobooks.

Spotify is not the music streaming service with the best features, but it is the most popular.

If you are passionate about the best music and you are looking for an alternative to Spotify, both paid and free, you should know these other applications that you have available and that can satisfy your need to consume audio content:

The best alternatives to Spotify

– Deezer: It is almost as old as Spotify, since it was launched in 2007. This streaming service of French origin offers the possibility of playing audio in high definition. In addition to music, podcasts and audiobooks, on Deezer you can listen to the radio. It can be used for free and has a premium plan that allows, among other things, not to support advertising. The prices are more or less similar to those of Spotify.

Alternatives to Spotify in 2023

– Qobuz: This service is fully focused on CD-quality lossless music, although it is a paid app. Its catalog is perhaps a bit small compared to Spotify’s.

Alternatives to Spotify for mobile

–Amazon Music: It stands out for its offers and for offering high-resolution content in FLAC format, even for users who do not have an Amazon Prime subscription. Its catalog is wide enough. Plus, Amazon Unlimited with ads, which also includes Hi-Res tracks, is totally free.

music apps

–SoundCloud: It is a platform that allows you to share and discover music that has a library of more than 200 million songs. It can be used for free but also has payment plans.

Apps to listen to songs

–Tidal: It is designed for lovers of high-fidelity audio. Tidal offers its users the Tidal HiFi plan, which can play audio up to 24-bit 192kHz sample rate. Plus, Tidal offers extras like album credits, detailed song information, artist interviews, and more.

Apps made for music

Other music streaming platforms to consider

-Youtube music. YouTube has always been widely used for listening to music and music videos, but the company also has its own music service. This is YouTube Music, dedicated exclusively to music playback, which also has a free version with advertising. In this article you can find a comparison between YouTube Music and Spotify.

-Pandora. This service has a particularity, and that is that more than an on-demand player, it is a kind of radio. Pandora offers music as a result of some search terms entered by the user, and refines the algorithm through user likes.

For a price of 9.99 euros per month you can have the paid version, which allows you to skip songs without limits and lacks ads.

-Apple Music. Spotify’s other big competitor. Apple’s music service has more than 90 million songs, and almost 100 million users.

Apple Music does not have a free version, but it is really convenient for iPhone users, who can use Siri voice commands to control Apple Music. In addition to all the functions of Spotify (lists, recommendations based on what has been listened to…) it also offers videos and radio stations with the personal selection of famous artists.

-MusicAll. This Spanish application offers the possibility of accessing a library of YouTube songs. It therefore has a wide catalog to choose from. It is also completely free. It also allows you to play songs without the need for an Internet connection, generate playback tracks or find out the most listened to songs within the app. The only problem is that it is only available for Android.

-SongFlip. This app is perfect for discovering new songs and artists since it only allows you to play songs without rights. SongFlip contains a multitude of song styles and the user can create playlists and categorize the content. It is available for both Android and iOS users.

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