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The best accessories for the Apple iPhone 14 Plus: cover, case, wallet & screen protection TechStage shows the best covers, cases and tempered glass films for the new Apple iPhone 14 Plus. Even recycled products are included. 12:30 p.m. tech stage

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The iPhone 14 Plus offers a 6.7-inch screen and a glass back – reasons enough for good protection. We show the best sleeves, cases and tempered glass foils. Even recycled products are included.

With the iPhone 14 Plus, Apple has presented a large iPhone without Pro features, which impresses above all with its large display and is not quite as expensive as the much better equipped iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Nevertheless, those who are willing to buy still have to put an RRP of 1,149 euros on the table for the Plus. It is worth investing in a case, especially since a possible repair is not cheap.

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The iPhone 14 Plus continues the tradition of large iPhones that ended with the iPhone 8 Plus – Apple hasn’t had a normally equipped smartphone with a large screen since then. The visual relationship to the iPhone 14 and its predecessors cannot be denied: the Plus model also has a glass back, two cameras including a flash and a notch with Face ID – and all this with a 6.7-inch screen. Inside, there’s little new tech, as Apple has decided to continue using the A15 SoC from the iPhone 13.

Anyone who owns such a large and expensive smartphone will surely want to protect it. The right cases should protect against mechanical influences and of course look good.

Like previous iPhones, the iPhone 14 Plus has Magsafe built in. This magnetic mount allows you to attach a charging puck that charges the iPhone inductively. Anyone who calls this wireless charging is of course ignoring the fact that the charging puck is attached to a cable. If you want to use the function with a case, you have to make sure that it is compatible with Magsafe. Either the case is very thin so that the magnets still have enough grip, or the case has its own metal ring. With transparent cases, this looks ugly, with colored cases, the ring is not visible.

Apple itself offers a variety of cases, including a clear plastic model. In addition, Apple has cases made of leather and silicone. The Magsafe wallets from previous years can still be used and thus also fit the new iPhone 14 Plus models.

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The leather sleeves come in Umber, Orange, Ink, Forest Green, and Midnight. The prices are 69 euros. They naturally age over time, take sweat scratches and thus change their color slightly. If you don’t like the worn look, you should look for a different material, such as silicone or hard plastic.

At 59 euros, the silicone cases for the iPhone 14 Plus are cheaper than the leather models. The silicone cases are also available in many more colors than the leather ones:

They are currently found in Storm Blue, Midnight, Lilac, Product Red, Elderberry, Agave Green, Sunlight, and Lime Pink.

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The silicone sleeves have a better grip and are easier to clean than the leather sleeves. Dirt accumulates visibly on the lighter models, but this can usually be easily erased. A raised, rectangular frame made of solid plastic is installed around the camera modules so that this sensitive area is also optimally protected.

branded cases

In addition to the original cases from Apple, numerous other manufacturers also offer good cases. Third-party branded models represent a compromise between good protection and price. Our favorites include Spigen , Hama , Zagg , Pitaka , and Easyacc with its Cacoe case brand. They offer good quality for a reasonable price. More and more third-party suppliers, including Zagg, are also producing sustainably. No plastic is used in the packaging and the products consist of up to 50 percent recycled material.

cheap cases

If you want to use a particularly large number of different cases, you can either spend a lot of money or buy particularly cheap cases and sleeves from the Far East. Despite inflation, these are still available for prices from 1 cent to 10 euros per piece. Of course, in terms of quality, these are not comparable to the branded models or cases from Apple, but of course they also protect against mechanical damage.

Interesting models come from unknown brands such as Nevox and Eigner. From the Far East there are even silicone cases in an incredible number of colors without Magsafe and with the magnetic holder , transparent models and glittering cases as well as cases with card slots .

The display itself is not protected in the vast majority of cases, although it is the most expensive spare part for the smartphone and also the most vulnerable. If it breaks, it will be expensive. Apple is currently charging 405 euros for a new display.

The solution is bulletproof glass films made of glass. As a rule, they are hardly recognizable if they are applied without bubbles, absorb some of the energy in the event of a fall and thus protect the display. They also reliably prevent scratches from keys and coins. There are still plastic films, but they are usually less clear, more difficult to apply and scratch more easily. In addition, simple foils offer no protection against display breakage. Customers should, however, take into account that tempered glass foils do not mean a guarantee – the mobile phone displays can also break with writing if it happens unfavorably.

Inexpensive tempered glass films are available from as little as 10 euros as a cheap product. More expensive films from Hama, Spigen or Otterbox do not necessarily have to be better. If you don’t want strangers to be able to look at the screen from the side, you can stick on a film with a privacy function.

There are also lens protection modules that are attached or glued to the camera array.

Buy Apple iPhone 14 Plus

The Apple iPhone 14 Plus is currently listed at various retailers from 1,149 euros. It is available in the colors Midnight, Product Red, Polarstern, Violet and Blue. The smartphone will be delivered from October 7th.

In addition, you can buy the smartphone together with a tariff. This means that you pay the tariff fees for 24 months, but save more than 1,000 euros as a one-off payment when purchasing the smartphone. The tariff bundle starts at a one-time fee of 31 euros. You pay more than 50 euros for sometimes unattractive tariffs – this is how the providers get the money for the cell phone over the term.

If you want to protect your new iPhone 14 Plus from fall damage and scratches, you can do this with a case and a protective film. In principle, all cases offer basic protection, but experience has shown that their durability varies greatly. Many cheap cases discolor over time, get cracks or don’t fit as well as they did at first. We therefore recommend branded cases or the originals from Apple.

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