The battery of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, one of its reasons for purchase: it is brutal

The battery of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, one of its reasons for purchase: it is brutal
the battery of the samsung galaxy s23 ultra, one of

The battery of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, one of its reasons for purchase: it is brutal

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra They are one of the best phones out there on the market. Its options are excellent, such as performance, since they include powerful hardware that far exceeds the current demands that can be had. In addition, everything indicated that his behavior in relation to the autonomy would be fantastic over time, and this has been confirmed in an extensive test conducted by DXOMARK.

The truth is that the battery 5,000mAh It was already a clear indication that everything would go smoothly in this section. And, right out of the box, getting ten hours of always-on screen use was entirely possible with the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. Therefore, we are talking about a device that makes a difference with any other on the market, whether it uses the Android operating system or not. And, all this, with some very good benefits in sections such as photography, where it has become the current reference.

It is the best high-end premium phone

The entity that we have mentioned before, which carries out tests on the different phones on the market, has obtained some results with this terminal that are spectacular and place it as the best that can currently be purchased of all those that are premium (including the Xiaomi or Apple iPhone). An example of what is achieved is two days and 19 hours without having to resort to a plug if the device is used moderately. Even the consumption at night once the learning processes are executed are spectacular: only 2% of the battery is subtracted while sleeping.

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Back of Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra phone

The results that the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has achieved in the DXOMARK tests are so good that it has even reached outperform models that have a battery of no less than 6,000mAh, which speaks highly of the work carried out by the Korean company when it comes to optimizing the consumption of the terminal in all kinds of situations. Your score of 142 pointseasily exceeds that obtained by the iPhone 14 Pro Max (which remains at 133, for example).

Of course, not everything is perfect, and it has been indicated that when it reaches a charge of 5%, the terminal reduces its proper functioning quickly, even collapsing and turning off unexpectedly. And this is something that can be correct in a simple way by software and everything indicates that it is done for security reasons when it comes to conserving the battery.

A great buying choice

Taking into account all the good things that the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra offers -such as its Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor (manufactured by TSMC), which allows spectacular performance, since it includes a 200MP camera of great precision-, that can be squeezed to the maximum its battery does nothing more than increase attractiveness for buyers who always want to have the best.