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The basic Tesla Model Y arrives in Spain, and its final price is quite attractive

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The basic Tesla Model Y arrives in Spain and its

If you had been waiting for the arrival of the electric car for a long time Tesla Model Y in its most basic version, there is excellent news for you. These are not others that it is already possible to reserve units in Spain directly on the manufacturer’s website. Therefore, the official landing of this model in our country is a reality.

This is one of the great bets of Tesla since it manufactures cars, since the expectations it has of it is that it will become one of the best-selling models among electric cars worldwide (and, this means that it will be the one with the highest company manufacturing/sales optimization). Therefore, it is not surprising that Elon Musk himself will bet on it at the time it was announced back in the year 2019 to become the SUVs of the firm par excellence.

Things to keep in mind about the Tesla Model Y

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It is important to mention that what arrives in Spain has some options that are important to know about, such as the interior finish is black and that it has a configuration of five seats. Besides, the paint – at least for the moment – is white, and the Rims that are mounted are 19-inch Gemini type. Besides, it is possible to add from the tow ball to the autonomous driving of the company (this represents an additional cost of 3,800 euros).

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Among the technical characteristics that are relevant to users, beyond knowing that electric batteries are used, so no additional fuel is used, is that the autonomy they offer, as indicated by Tesla itself, is about 455 kilometers. This for many is more than enough to be able to have a full experience without refueling being an inconvenience. Besides, the acceleration allowed by the Model Y is 6.9 seconds (to go from 0 to 100 km/h) and that the maximum speed achieved with the car is 217 kilometers per hour.

The selling price of the car right now

As can be seen on the Tesla website, to get one of these vehicles, what you have to pay is €51,200 (Well below the cost of the Long Range and Performance models in the same range, and also cheaper than Model 3). It is important to note that with all the aids existing right now, what you finally have to pay if they are used is €42,900, a fairly considerable drop.

In what has to do with waiting times, something that always has to be carefully reviewed in Tesla, according to the company itself, if the purchase is made today, you can have the car in your hands between December 2022 or February 2023. It is not outrageous, everything must be said.

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