The B side of Google Gemini is that it saves your conversations for years. So you can avoid it

the b side of google gemini is that it saves.webp.webp.webp
the b side of google gemini is that it saves.webp.webp.webp

Yesterday there was a quite notable change, as well as little surprise: Google said goodbye to Google Bard to welcome Gemini, the new name of its chatbot based on Artificial intelligence. It has inherited the name of the language model, which we remember comes in three versions: the most striking is ‘Gemini Ultra’ which is paid and is commercially called Gemini Advanced.

Well, if you have already started to tickle him or have simply asked him to resolve a question, it is important to know that That information will remain on Google servers. Perhaps, if you are worried about your privacy on your mobile and on the Internet in general, there is a hidden option that you can activate to avoid this.

I don’t want an AI that remembers what I asked it: this is how you can deactivate your activity with Gemini

Google itself warns us of danger of sharing sensitive content on Gemini, the epicenter of all its AI features, because conversations are stored and analyzed by its systems. According to the policy of these services, chats with Gemini are supervised by human moderators with the aim of improving the service.

How long do they stay on the servers? Well, the Mountain View giant admits to retaining this information, including language, device and our location for a maximum of three years. Fortunately, Google itself has introduced a new option that will allow us to choose what Gemini data is saved and how.

We explain how to do it in a few simple steps:

  • First, we must access the Google “My activity” panel: you can do this by tapping on this link.
  • On the screen you will see, we must go to the ‘Web and application activity’ section.
  • You will see a string of icons with the different Google applications and services. If you can’t find the Gemini one, tap ‘See all’ at the bottom of the carousel of icons.
  • You must enter ‘Gemini Applications’, and then tap ‘Deactivate’.

Ready! Hereinafter, your future chats with Gemini will no longer be saved. Likewise, you can delete individual conversations and messages if you prefer. Of course, it is worth mentioning that, even with this setting disabled, our conversations will continue to be saved for a maximum of 72 hours. Google alleges security and quality of service reasons.

Gemini Activity

Alternatively, you can disable the ‘Activity’ option from the Gemin interfaceYo. Being on the official website from where we use Google AI, tap on the ‘Activity’ icon that appears in the lower left corner: it will take you to the same section in a more direct way.

In the form of a list you will see your latest messages, delete them individually It will be as easy as clicking on the crosses that appear next to each one of them. Thus, we can continue using Gemini without giving up part of our privacy.

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