The AR / VR viewer from Apple in the sign of “2,000”: price and the latest from Gurman

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1642427214 965599.jpeg

Our readers and those who closely follow the technological events will know: in the parts of Cupertino there would be an army of employees who works incessantly on Apple’s new “ball”, the AR / VR viewer or, if you like, for mixed reality. About 2,000 women and men with bitten apples on their chests, the rumors assure, are doing their best to bring the next object of many fans’ desires to market in the shortest possible time.

A goal that is not easy to achieve, in light of the software and temperature problems that they would be facing in the corridors of Apple Park and which are probably also the reason why Apple has decided to postpone the debut of its AR viewer from 2022 to 2023. VR. In this sentence two-thousand it would still be a recurring number for the gadget of tomorrow, and more than one might turn up their noses.

$ 2,000?

According to the indiscretions collected by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, in fact, Apple’s mixed reality headset could be priced at just $ 2,000, and it could be too little. That the object would not have been cheap was known and also obvious: no Apple product, from the most complex to the accessory, can be defined as cheap, so that an innovative object such as the augmented or virtual reality viewer would be been sold at “golden weight” was the secret of Pulcinella.

And if the commercial positioning that distinguishes Apple objects are added to huge development costs (the work would have started seven years ago!) and the caliber of the components that will give life to the Apple viewer, the high price is an almost obvious consequence. Gurman added that Apple’s first AR / VR headset it will not have the M1 chip as was said until a few days ago: the viewer will be focused on games, and the eight-core GPU would be limiting.

The chip will be the M1 Pro or an equivalent developed ad hoc, so as to guarantee an adequate level of performance first of all for games, then to support everything that the Apple has in mind on the front of the communication, to which the viewer will lend itself very well: it will guarantee “an experience similar to that of FaceTime VR”, said the Gurman, through the use of Animoji and Memoji. Another pending issue: the name. According to the reporter, Apple is considering Apple Vision, Apple Reality, Apple Sight / iSight, Apple Lens And Apple Goggles.