The Apple Vision Pro will be less useful when traveling by plane, why?

The Apple Vision Pro gradually they will improve and be more useful, as is the case with all the products of the Cupertino company. And, by the looks of it, this accessory might have a feature designed specifically for air travel.

According to the data that has been known, this portable device could include a travel mode, offer a very different experience and perfectly adapted to these moments. And that It makes a lot of sense when getting on an airplane, since in airplane cabins the space to move is limited. And this can greatly limit how a user can use the Apple Vision Pro.

The point is that it has discovered a code which reveals that the first test version of the operating system of the aforementioned glasses -aimed at developers interested in visionOS- includes a travel mode.


What would this new feature offer?

In the information that has been known, there are text strings that highlight how it would work in the Mode we are talking about. First of all, it seems that the helmet will ask the user to confirm if they are on a plane, like is logic. It’s not clear how this confirmation will appear, but since the device has multiple cameras and proximity sensors, it will probably use them to sense its surroundings and prompt you to enable travel mode to continue using Apple Vision Pro.

The travel mode of the Apple Vision Pro could have restricted features of use. Thus, the code in the beta version of the software indicates that “some awareness features will be disabled.” This could refer to the sensors on the device being used for spatial awareness, once again to prevent unnecessary movement on the part of the user. Furthermore, it seems that digital avatars -also known as “digital people”-, will not be available.

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It is even possible that the image accuracy of the Apple Vision Pro is reduced when the travel mode is activated. That is, the function of eye tracking might not work properly when you’re sitting on a plane.

The Vision Pro presentation videos are also clear

In the videos seen at the WWDC 2023 event, Apple presented some snippets showing how a user could use the headset on a plane to watch a movie. Also saw a function for adjust image size and get a more immersive experience. This could offer a much better distraction-free experience than using a phone, tablet, or even a laptop for the same thing.

It’s also worth noting that those using the Vision Pro in the videos I was wearing AirPods, which raises the question of whether the speakers in the glasses will be functional when travel mode is activated. The answer is probably no, which of course would have been done on purpose to prevent the sound emitted through the speakers from disturbing your fellow travelers.