The Apple Vision Pro are now official: smart glasses with which to revolutionize the market

The Apple Vision Pro are now official: smart glasses with which to revolutionize the market
the apple vision pro are now official: smart glasses with

The wait has been eternal, but smart glasses have finally become a reality. A product that we have already told you about through different leaks in which we have even been able to learn about its screen technology. And now we finally know all the secrets of the Apple Vision Pro. What can we expect?

Today we had a very important appointment with Apple, and WWDC 23 has given a lot of itself this year. Although we all wait for Tim Cook’s “One More thing”. And we were not disappointed at all.

This is the new Apple Vision Pro, smart glasses with a lot to offer

To say that The Apple Vision Pro will not arrive until next year, and its price of $3,499 will make it a product for few pockets, but its functionality is impressive.

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We are talking about a helmet that is loaded with cameras so that we can delve into virtual reality or augmented reality depending on our needs. Something that Apple calls Extended Reality by being able to use both imaging technologies.

A device dIt looks futuristic and reminds us a lot of HTC’s virtual reality glasses. In this case, we find that the Apple Vision Pro has controls through a digital crown.

Through this element we will enter the Apple Vision Pro interface and that is very reminiscent of macOS. Designed from scratch, but with elements reminiscent of other operating systems from the Cupertino-based firm.

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Proof of this is that They have the same applications that we see in iPadOS or iOS, including FaceTime, Apple TV or Apple Music to give an example. And if you want to make a video call? Before you will have registered your face so that it uses an avatar very similar to you.

Besides, we can use Mac accessories, like your keyboard or mouse to interact with applications more comfortably, although we can also use hand gestures to access them.

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And what about the image? That finally they offer 23 million pixels in two panels through their MicroLED lenses that guarantee an amazing imaging experience.

Also, if you wear glasses you can buy lenses signed by Zeiss adapted to each user. Turning to the hardware, inside it hides an M2 processor modified for the Apple Vision Pro and that is quieter.

Thanks to its power, Apple boasts that its new mixed reality glasses offer 9 images per second to avoid possible dizziness.

A team that will not hit the market until 2024, and surely restricted to the American market at a price of $3,499. Are these Apple Vision Pro worth it? At the moment it is too soon to tell, but at least it is a curious invention.


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