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The Apple MacBook Pro will take a big leap in its power, how will they achieve it?

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It was already known that Manzana He was taking an important step when he decided to design his own processors. This allowed him to be much more flexible in the way of improving his devices, and over the generations this has been seen to be the case. Well, it seems that the next macbook pro of the company will be the next to take advantage of this according to the information that has been released.

The reason is that these laptops aim to be the first of the North American firm to integrate one of the processors that is very close to making Apple official. We talk about M2Max, which is an iteration of a model that currently exists on the market and that significantly increases the performance it offers without having a complete redesign inside. Therefore, it can be said that the idea is to take MacBook Pros to a new level.

M2 Max performance for MacBook Pro

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To date, it was not clear what this chip would offer, but the data that has been known in a currently widely used performance test (Geekbench). In it, it has been verified what the new processor will be able to do and, apparently, the improvements are quite positive. To begin with, inside this component will be a couple of nuclei more than the current M2 – to reach the twelve o’clock, without knowing the distribution with respect to those destined to high performance or efficiency. In addition, the frequency will go up to 3.7GHz.


And what does this really mean for the user? Well, simple: the power that the new MacBook Pro will have in all the jobs that are carried out is improved. Here the test we talked about before is very clear. When looking for maximum power there is a 20% performance increase, while when working at a low level it reaches 10%. Therefore, it is a very important improvement because the energy needs are not increased with this M2 Max (always compared to the M2).


Possible arrival of laptops with this processor

Well, everything indicates that in the first quarter of 2023 The new MacBook Pro with the Apple M2 Max processor could be announced, with these computers being the first to use it (but not the only ones, since some iMacs may also use them next year). Therefore, the qualitative leap that is going to be achieved is enough to justify a new product range… and this can be an important detail when it comes to differentiating tablets and laptops within the Apple product range ( since the line that separates them is getting thinner).


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