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The Apple HomePod 2 is official: great sound and connectivity at a good price

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Well, in the end, there has been an announcement of a Apple’s new smart speaker, but not as expected. Once the new MacBook and Mac mini were officially launched yesterday, the Cupertino company has announced that it offers users the HomePod 2 which, among other things, natively includes the Siri voice assistant.

The truth is that there were not many who bet on a second generation of this smart speaker, since Apple discontinued the first one some time ago and there were no very obvious signs that it was working on a new model. But the truth is that it has given the surprise. Of course, among the things that they do not change one iota is the designwhich remains practically identical -and, even, the colors in which the accessory we are talking about is available, which are black and white- does not vary.


Improvements in the sound, which was already very Good

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It must be said that the bass of the model that the Apple HomePod 2 replaces was already the best on the market for its price range, and the firm has included some improvements to optimize the user experience when enjoying music. or other types of content. Thus, the loudspeaker for the bass, has a 20-millimeter diaphragm and has an engine to optimize its operation, it has evolved in a very clear way. Also, it does not lack five elements for the treble -which have beamforming technology- allow to achieve a very high definition and a very precise equalization.


In order for the sound to be properly adjusted to the environment in which the speaker is placed, all the necessary software and hardware elements are included, including an S7 chip. Therefore, it perfectly recognizes the places where the sound is modified by find obstacles and adjust the operation to make it the best it can be. And, this and the management of Siri is done from the upper touchpad that is slightly larger this being one of the small aesthetic changes that the accessory has.

Apple has improved connectivity

Among the available options, beyond the use of Bluetooththere is the possibility of connect in combination this device with others of the same range (it is important to note that it is not backward compatible with the first generation), which makes it perfect for making the most of the connected home. In addition, support for Matter has been included, the new standard that enables greater interoperability between accessories of this type and where Apple is one of the main players.


Price of the new HomePod 2

Well, this is something that is already known and, the truth is that we are not talking about one of the most expensive models on the market (but neither is it one of the cheapest, but this is common with Apple products). The point is that It can be obtained for 349 euros, placing its availability on February 3. Come on, it’s just around the corner.

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