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The “Anno” for everyone who loves trains: heise plays “Sweet Transit” live

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Set signals, lay rails and listen to the steam locomotive. We classify “Sweet Transit” from “Factorio” developer from 7 p.m.

“Choo, choo” – trains just don’t go out of style. Whether miniature trains in the basement or the obligatory round “Railroad Tycoon” by Sid Meier: Trains have a magical attraction. In “Sweet Transit” from “Factorio” developer Ernestas Norvaišas, the good old steam locomotives are the only form of transportation. What a beautiful world!

But “Sweet Transit” is not only a train simulation, but also a city builder. We got strong vibes from the classic “Anno 1602” in the first few hours. In addition to a complex route network, we also build cities and supply them with all kinds of goods, such as shirts or potatoes.

The action can be paused at any time to build the ideal station head or a settlement that is harmoniously placed in the game world. It doesn’t cause any stress at all. But concentration is still required. Accidents can only be avoided by setting the signals and chain signals correctly and maintaining an overview at intersections. Often you just watch the bustling events and enjoy the successful soundscape. Newly composed jazz and blues rumbles in the background, which would have fitted perfectly into the pioneering days.

In the evening, voonze video journalist Michael Wieczorek and train enthusiast and journalist Andreas Sebayang place the title in the current train simulation genre while they build a new settlement. The aim of the evening is to build a church.

“Sweet Transit” is available in Early Access on Steam for Windows since July 28th. It doesn’t currently run on Proton or Crossover on Macs or Linux. However, the title is to be ported to several platforms apart from consoles in the future.

The live stream starts at 7 p.m. and can be viewed via the video embedded above on YouTube or via Twitch.

“voonze plays” is the live stream format for PC and video games on voonze online. Michael Wieczorek (@avavii) is dedicated to either the latest new releases, major updates for important games, or retro classics that might be celebrating their birthday.

This invitation link takes you to the voonze online discord server. Current events from the IT world are discussed there and decisions are made about upcoming games and “voonze plays” streams.


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