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The Amazfit GTR Mini watch arrives in Europe: small, cheap… and very complete

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A new smart watch arrives in Europe, and it does so with some options that make it a good option for different types of users. We talk about Amazfit GTR Minian accessory that lands on the Old Continent to show its credentials that are none other than offering many possibilities in a small space… and at a price that is really striking.

One of the things that attracts a lot of attention about this Amazfit smartwatch, which is a manufacturer that offers a wide range of smart watches, is that it includes a access to proprietary and proprietary GPS. This allows you to receive twice as many signals as the models with which it competes on the market, so its positioning capacity is very good in all kinds of situations (both indoors and when doing sports). Therefore, despite being a fairly small device, it stands out in this section.

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Since we are talking about the small dimensions of the Amazfit GTR Mini (its thickness is 9.5 millimeters and the weight remains at 24.6 grams), it should be noted that despite this, the round screen that it includes is 1.28 inches with HD resolution. By including a panel AMOLED Offering a brightness above 400 nits, it does not offer any problem when it comes to viewing content, even in bright sunlight. And, of course, it also has protection against small bumps from day to day.

Good recommend options in this Amazfit

Thanks to the inclusion of the men who are common in this type of wearable accessory, and without size being a problem, it must be said that this model does not lack the possibility of reading the heart rate or the amount of blood in your blood (including sleep quality or stress level). In addition, this Amazfit is capable of working up to 120 different sportswith automatic recognition of the most common so that the user does not have to do anything.


Another thing that stands out in this model is that it has excellent autonomy. It is capable of working up to 14 days on a regular basis, so it meets what is currently required. But it has a saving mode that, if used, you can make it to your twenties without having to do without most of the functions that are present in the Amazfit GTR Mini.

Price of this smartwatch

It is put up for sale in Europe in black and blue colors, and what you have to pay to get it are €129.90. It is not a very crazy figure, but it does not go down to the most attractive $ 119.99 that it has in the US. The fact is that, due to its dimensions and good options, this is a device that fits all types of users, even those with very small wrists.

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