The AirPods Pro 2: With health functions, USB-C and better price

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AirPods Pro 2 is the perfect replacement for the AirPods Max you didn’t know you needed, and here’s why.

As Mark Gurman reported in his Power On newsletter, Apple is gearing up to release a USB-C case for AirPods, presumably in conjunction with the launch of the iPhone 15 lineup this fall, which will switch from the Lightning port to USB-C.

For his part, Gurman says Apple is also testing a new hearing test feature, in addition to the other iOS 17 AirPods features Apple announced at WWDC.

AirPods Pro 2: Hearing test feature in development

The hearing test feature will reportedly play different tones into the user’s ear. Based on the user’s responses, you will be able to detect possible hearing problems.

Apple is currently developing an innovative hearing test feature in which AirPods will be able to play a variety of tones and sounds in order to assess each individual’s hearing ability.

The idea is to help users detect hearing problems, similar to how the Apple Watch ECG app detects heart problems.

Additional health sensors on the horizon

In the longer term, Gurman says Apple is working to add additional health sensors to the hardware of these headphones, such as body temperature through the ear canal.

Apple previously announced that the AirPods Pro would get an adaptive audio feature later this year, which dynamically switches between transparency and noise-canceling modes based on surrounding audio.

AirPods Pro 2: Body temperature measurement and cost savings

Writing in the “Power On” newsletter for Bloomberg, Mark Gurman thinks Apple is interested in adding more health sensors to AirPods, including the ability to measure body temperature from the ear canal.

Temperature monitoring through the ear is considered to be more accurate than trying to do it on the wrist, as the Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra do during rest periods.

The data is used for fertility monitoring, but getting data from the ear could increase accuracy and make it useful for other tasks, such as determining general diseases.

While more sensors may help make AirPods more useful to users, price changes could also increase the earphones’ appeal.

Mark Gurman reasons that a price cut to the cheapest AirPods model could be very beneficial. While they “still perform well and offer value” at $129, the AirPods could be “an even better buy and storage filler at $99,” Gurman believes.

In theory, this will also make AirPods a “stronger rival” to new products from Samsung, Sony and Amazon, Gurman adds.

Greater accuracy and usefulness for hearing health

The addition of additional health sensors to AirPods demonstrates Apple’s focus on providing a complete wellness experience to its users.

Monitoring body temperature through the ear canal could provide more accurate and reliable measurements than other traditional methods, such as taking temperatures on the wrist.

This functionality could not only be useful for fertility monitoring, but also for detecting general diseases and providing relevant information for health care.

A promising future for AirPods Pro 2

In addition to improvements in hearing health, Apple plans to continue to innovate with the AirPods line.

Future models are expected to offer features that rival those found in an Apple Watch, thus expanding the usefulness of these personal audio devices.

The combination of advanced health features, such as body temperature measurement, along with the ability to adapt audio to the surrounding environment, positions AirPods as a versatile and attractive option for wellness-conscious users.

All in all, these AirPods promise to be an exciting upgrade with new health features including hearing test and the ability to measure body temperature.

These improvements demonstrate Apple’s commitment to innovation and the well-being of its users. Plus, Apple plans to keep adding additional health sensors in future versions of the AirPods, further expanding their usefulness.

All of this, along with a possible price cut, makes AirPods an even more attractive option in the personal audio device market.

Stay tuned for what’s new from Apple and find out how AirPods are redefining the listening and wellness experience.