The advice so that they do not steal your WiFi that is worth absolutely nothing



Surely you have read it many times: we are worried that our neighbors will steal our WiFi network and one of the ways to avoid it is to hide the name of the network so that they cannot find it. Does this really make the network more secure and there are no intruders? It is not the best option you can use for a more secure network.

Hiding our Wi-Fi network can be a good option if you simply we want a little more privacy but it will not make it infallible against hackers if they want to steal from us or access the network. When we hide the name or the SSID what we do is that it will not appear in the available networks to which we can connect when we are going to scan them from a computer or a mobile phone although that network is there. But we have to enter the name manually, a name that supposedly only we or the people who connect to that network know, in order to connect using the corresponding password.

This can make it a bit more secure if you just want to hide when someone sees what’s there. But really will give us a false sense of security because it is very easy to find it without having to be an expert in routers and even if you have it hidden and the name of the network does not appear in the list when you are going to connect to one.

name of a Wi-Fi

Not only can an expert hacker with sufficient knowledge easily find us and gain access, but there are simple tools that do it automatically for any user, regardless of your networking knowledge, as is the case with Acrylic WiFi that scans for wireless networks and also shows us the hidden options and not only the visible ones. A free program for non-commercial use that is capable of analyzing everything that happens around us in terms of networks and in a simple way.

Do we hide the network? You can do it if you want but it’s not the ultimate trick to protect yourselfunlike others that will improve security and privacy and that we will explain in the next paragraphs if you are worried about intruders on your WiFi.

Other tips to improve privacy

When it comes to protecting ourselves, there are other more interesting and useful values ‚Äč‚Äčthat can make us have greater security and privacy… For example, using strong and complex passwords with all kinds of characters such as uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation marks and other characters specials. It is also recommended that you use adequate encryption and use a router that does not use obsolete encryption such as WEP or WPA but more current ones such as WPA2.

Another fundamental piece of advice when it comes to protecting ourselves is that let’s keep the firmware up to date of the router to solve any possible vulnerability that is usually exploited by pirates or hackers to steal our data or our WiFi network.

Bearing this in mind and carefully using our devices you will not need to hide the SSID of your wireless network and you will be much more protected.

Configure update router without problems

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