The addictive Wordle becomes a board game

If Wordle has already stolen more hours from you than you would like this year, and you still can’t get rid of this addictive game, you may be interested in the new proposal.

It seems that it has not been successful enough in its online version that they want to take it directly to the users’ homes. Yes, Wordle will become a board game to hang out with your friends.

Wordle becomes a board game

If you just can’t get enough of playing Wordle on your mobile or computer, then you might be interested to know that you’ll soon be able to get it as a board game. As mentioned on CNN, Hasbro has partnered with the New York Times to launch the new product Wordle: The Party Game.

A board game to hang out with your friends or family following the same dynamics that you already know. Players will have to guess the five-letter word with a limit of up to six chances.

The score will be the same. So the faster you guess the word, and the fewer attempts you need, the more score you will have at the end of the game. Of course, you can count on some help, as in the online version, which tells you if the letter you have chosen is correct and is in the wrong place or if you have guessed right.

To organize the games it will be necessary for the players to take turns being the host. Players can carry a board individually or teams can also be organized to compete against each other. In total, there are four different versions to play.

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As can be seen on the game’s launch page, when the user buys Wordle: The Party Game, they will have all the elements they need for the game… blackboards, markers, colored chips and even a list of words put together by the New York Times, which can be used in the game.