The 90s window manager is still alive: IceWM 3.0.0 for the slim Linux desktop

the 90s window manager is still alive icewm 300 for.jpg
the 90s window manager is still alive icewm 300 for.jpg

IceWM 3.0.0 is here – an update for the 25 year old window manager. And it’s not just a bug fix release, it offers interesting features.


Version 3.0.0 expands IceWM with several new functions. Among other things, the X11 window manager for Linux and Unix desktops gets tab windows: With a simple middle click on the title bar and holding down the Shift key, one window can be dragged onto another.

The other changes are manageable, so can be done with the command icesh -T hide hide the taskbar. The project lists all innovations on its GitHub page. If you want to test the new functions directly, you must first obtain the software from there – the update is still missing in the repositories of popular Linux distributions.

IceWM saw the light of day in 1997, the window manager should be simple and fast. The latter refers to the comparison with extensive desktop environments such as Gnome and KDE. However, in contrast to the latter two, it is a pure X11 project – as with most classic window managers, there are no plans to switch to Wayland.

While some 90s artefacts such as CDE should primarily appeal to nostalgics, the further development of IceWM has never stopped. And due to the frugal system requirements, the window manager is even included with some enterprise Linux.

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