The 6 most important novelties of the Google Pixel 7

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The presentation of the Google Pixel 7, the new flagship of the company, took place yesterday and, despite the fact that there is no extreme change in the design of the mobile, some features of the device have received significant optimization compared to its predecessor, the Google pixel 6.

The Pixel 7 does not incorporate anything surprising, but the improvements in its cameras make it a very interesting option.

Front and rear cameras, lens software and the potential of the Tensor chipset are some of the improvements, as well as the Call Screen. We review them all in this article:

What are the new features of the Google Pixel 7

– Very top front camera: Google stands out for the good performance of Pixel smartphones in the photographic section. In this new family, the company has optimized the front lens, which is capable of recording 4K videos at 60 FPS and allows you to take the best selfies.

– Face and fingerprint unlock: Face Unlock (a function of the Pixel 4) is back in the Pixel 7. Now users will not be tied to the mandatory use of the fingerprint reader, they will have the support of facial unlocking to shield the mobile.

– Macro Focus and Super Res Zoom: the Super Res Zoom function is capable of reaching up to 8x on the Pixel 7 and 30x on the Pro model. Likewise, the Pixel Pro incorporates Macro Focus, a tool that allows you to capture a subject two or five centimeters away without losing no detail.

– Chip Tensor G2: According to Google, the chipset will increase the performance of the mobile compared to the Pixel 6. They have highlighted that the Tensor G2 is capable of enhancing the machine learning functions of the phone, allowing the smartphone to translate languages ​​in real time. The chip will improve sections such as photography, videos and security.

– Android 13: The operating system that is factory installed on the Google Pixel 7 is Android 13, which stands out for being faster, smarter, and more secure. Another noteworthy point is that the interface is simpler and cleaner and the user can customize it at will. In addition, the Google Pixel 7 will be the first phones to receive software updates when there are new versions of Android. Additionally, Google has guaranteed five years of support on the Pixel 7.

– 10-bit HDR: a special tool for videos will make them look brighter and with better contrast. Google has also ensured that this addition includes a richer color palette that allows the nuances to be more real.

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