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The 5 technological innovations behind the success of online casinos

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Thanks to the enormous advances made in the technological field in recent decades, our lives have been revolutionized from all points of view. Think, for example, of the many e-commerce, telecommuting and eLearning platforms that currently exist and how they allow us to shop, earn money and learn new skills anytime, anywhere.

The online casino industry has also been deeply influenced by this unstoppable technological progress. For Spain, this is attested to by the report from the DGOJ-General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling, according to which the 110.9 million euros of Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) from this segment in the first quarter of 2022 had a positive annual variation rate of 11.52%.

Next, we will see together which are the 5 technological innovations that have most favored the popularization of online gaming, apart from an increasingly faster and more reliable Internet service and the launch of the latest generation of smartphones.

Unlimited storage space

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Traditional casinos have to deal with the natural physical limitations imposed by the structures that house them. On the contrary, virtual gaming rooms do not have this type of problem, storing their data on servers that are practically free of spatial limits.

To have a concrete demonstration of this technological advantage, it is enough to take a look at some of the more than 1300 titles that renowned providers such as Evolution, NetEnt and Microgaming make available at Genesis Mobile Casino in Spain. Among them, stand out for example the bingo games Cleopatra, Golden Lucky Cat Y vikingsthe slots Dracony, tomb Raider Y wild wild west and, naturally, types of roulette that include the European, French and American variant, not forgetting the live modality.

artificial intelligence (AI)

As in all areas of our daily lives, artificial intelligence is also experiencing great success in the online gaming industry due to the undeniable benefits it brings to users.

The first application of AI consists of the collection of player data such as browsing patterns, game modes and the average time a game lasts. In this way, your experience is constantly improved thanks to the automatic customization of the interface of the chosen platform based on the preferences shown up to that moment.

Second, AI is also used in customer service provided by chat. Through the installation of chatbot that work by combining machine learning and Natural Language Processing, people in difficulty can receive immediate and adequate help from a qualitative point of view.

Last but not least, it should be noted that AI also makes it very easy to detect fraud cases and prevent cheating. This ensures that the games are absolutely fair and honest for all players.


If this technology had not been invented and applied to the world of online casinos, there would be no live mode, so appreciated by most of those who choose to play remotely. Streaming, in fact, allows them to use their smartphone or computer to connect to tables operated live by live dealers.

This option, perhaps more than any other related to the digital world, would not be possible were it not for the extraordinary evolution of the Internet service in recent years. If streaming games are so engaging and challenging, much of the credit must go to the fast and reliable connections we have today, which make it easy for us to play games without interruption.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

Both geared towards making our gaming experience as immersive and realistic as possible, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are technologies that are often confused or considered equivalent. For clarity, while VR offers the possibility of immersing yourself in a fully digital world, AR projects virtual objects in the real environment in which we find ourselves.

For example, relying on a provider that uses the former, we could be catapulted into the environments of a Las Vegas casino or a fictitious one and, there, play blackjack, roulette or poker against opponents from all over the world. With the second, on the other hand, it will be the very place where we are – for example, our dining room or bedroom – that will become a game room.

It should be noted that the number of sites that make these two technologies available to their customers is still small, with virtual reality currently having an advantage over augmented reality. However, their future will be bright as both will even allow you to have the feeling of shaking hands with your opponents and pressing the keys of a slot machine.


All the best online casinos accept numerous payment methods to satisfy the needs of even their most demanding customers and guarantee them the highest degree of security when making a transaction. Therefore, in addition to debit and credit cards – used less and less on the Internet every day – digital wallets and prepaid cards have become popular, whose main representatives are PayPal and PaySafeCard, respectively.

In addition to these – albeit more slowly – more and more casinos are starting to allow withdrawals and deposits to be made via payment methods such as BitCoin and Ethereum. Building on the sophisticated set of Blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies offer unique advantages to those who choose them.

The first is the great speed – one could speak of immediacy – with which the transactions are carried out, also greatly reducing the expected costs. Another aspect to take into account is the guarantee of anonymity which, by allowing us to spend our money without being recognized, contributes to increasing our level of security.

Technology and online casinos – to conclude

For reasons of space, this article has not carried out an analysis of the fundamental bases of technological development in recent decades. We are of course talking about the Internet and smartphones, without which online gaming as we know it today could not exist.

Furthermore, since its importance has already been extensively discussed on several occasions, we have preferred to focus on 5 other key elements. As stated above, it is about the possibility of enjoying unlimited virtual storage space, artificial intelligence, live streaming, reality in its virtual and augmented forms, and Blockchain technology.

Once the discourse in relation to the present has been deepened, it only remains to ask what could be the possible technological innovations capable of further increasing the popularity of online gaming. Aside from VR and AR confirmation, could this sector fully converge into the increasingly named Metaverse?

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