The 5 free Google functions that you don’t know about and should: very useful and great for family and friends

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The different platforms of the most used search engine company in Spain have shared functions that can be used with the family.

Many companies such as Google, Samsung or Apple have their own framework of services and platforms for their users, which they can use on their mobile phones and which are usually adapted to the devices of each brand. And one of their greatest advantages is that they have functions intended to be used by the whole family.

In the case of the first company, it is not even necessary for family members to have a branded device, and it is enough to download Google applications to be able to use all these features. And the best thing is that incredibly useful dynamics can be carried out.

Whether it’s sharing photos with friends or the location with family while you’re on the way home, Google platforms have many possibilities, and Taking advantage of them is totally free. Of course, you have to be careful not to exceed the free storage limit of 15 GB for everything to work correctly.

Google Photos: shared albums

After celebrating a birthday, a vacation, or any other event where a good amount of drinks are taken, put them all together can be a complicated task if you choose to send them via WhatsApp or any other instant messaging application.

However, with Google Photos, which is one of the best gallery applications that exist, there is the option to create shared albums in which everyone can see and upload photos, both their own and those that other people have sent. To do this, you have to click on the Shared button, next to the profile photo, and create a new album there.

It is one of the best solutions so that everyone ends up having the same photos and there is no need to send them. Some messaging applications like WhatsApp have certain limitations when it comes to sending multimedia content, so it can also save users a lot of time.

Google Maps: location sharing

When traveling or on the way to somewhere, Google Maps allows you to share the location with other people so that they do not even have to ask, but can directly see it within the application, thus, the person who is emitting said signal does not even You will have to let us know where you are going.

Share location in Maps

It is an option that others such as WhatsApp also have, but in Maps it has the peculiarity that it also shows the battery level of the person who is sharing your location, which gives it an extra compared to other alternatives.

To activate this function you just have to open Google Maps and click on the profile photo. Behind this A drop-down menu will appear with the option to Share Location. You just have to select the contacts you want to share with and for how long. It is possible to set a limit or have this stay on until manually turned off.

Google Maps: routes and places

Before going on vacation it is always advisable to take a look at the main places and points of interest on Google Maps. This helps make the route clearer, and better organize excursions, and it is also possible to create personalized lists to remember the places you need to visit or those you have already gone to.

The best thing is that these lists can be shared with other people so that they also know the places where they have had a good experience. It is true that you can always look at reviews on the platform itself, but a direct recommendation always works better than one made by a stranger.

Google maps lists

These can be collaborative, since you can invite other people to view and edit it so that they also include some of their favorite places. To access this section you just have to go to the Saved section, and then select New list.

Google Drive: files and folders

Sharing files with other people can be complicated if their weight is too high, since some messaging and email platforms have space limits when sending attachmentsand Google Drive may be the best solution to this problem.

Manage access in Google Drive

Google’s cloud storage service has an option that allows another person to access, view and download a file without even using a password, Just sharing the link with the people you love. This is a feature that can come in handy when sharing documents.

To do them you just have to upload the file to the platform, then click on the three-dot menu and hit the share button. Here you will have to change the visibility of the file to accessible and then copy the link to send it. If at any time you want to stop offering access to said file, just click on the manage access option to make it private again.

Google Calendar: events and meetups

The calendar is an essential tool to enjoy good organization throughout each month, and the best thing is that it allows you to add a large amount of details about the location where an event takes place, including even directions to get there.

Another option is to be able to share an event with another person so that they can also access said information and know where they have to go and at what time. With a person adding it, Anyone you have included as a participant will also see that event reflected in your personal calendar. When filling out the details in the calendar sheet, you just have to go down to the participants section and add other people there.

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