The 5 actions you should do on your mobile phone to make it work better and not have to renew it at Christmas

the 5 actions you should do on your mobile phone to make it work better and not have to renew it at christmas
the 5 actions you should do on your mobile phone to make it work better and not have to renew it at christmas

After a certain time has passed since the purchase of a mobile phone, it is not strange that it begins to work worse due to several factors such as the advancement of the requirements of many applications to function and the obsolescence of some components of the device. Generally, when this happens to a user in Spain, they know that it is time to change their mobile phone, either to a larger one or a smaller model .

However, there are times when renewing your smartphone is not very good, since in most cases you have to spend a significant sum of money . Therefore, you may want to continue using the device, even though its performance is insufficient.


For this reason, at EL ESPAÑOL – El Androide Libre we have put together a series of tips that can make the mobile phone improve its performance in the short term and thus slightly extend the time when it needs to be renewed. Of course, we must keep in mind that these are temporary remedies. When a certain amount of time passes after the release of a smartphone, it is normal for it to become outdated in terms of performance.

Cleaning is essential

There may be times when, if you are not careful, your phone may end up full of files and with very little internal memory . This always causes it to work slower, to the point where it can noticeably worsen the experience it offers.


It is important, as far as possible, to try to always have free memory to be able to function correctly, since there are times when, without the user being aware of it, the mobile silently requires some space to save files. temporarily cached, or simply to correctly perform updates.

There are several methods that can be used to clean. The first thing is always to go to the Storage section, within Settings, to find out which elements of the mobile phone take up the most internal memory. This way it will be easier to see what type of content takes up the most space so you can proceed to delete it.

In the case of images, Google Photos and Amazon Photos are two of the best alternatives that exist to manage backup copies and ensure that images saved in the cloud are deleted from the device. If what you want is to search for large files on your phone that may be causing this lack of space, applications like Amaze or Google Files can help you do so.

Disable animations

If a device is somewhat fair in the performance department, the fewer things it has to do, the better it will perform . Therefore, animations are the first element that must be dispensed with. This is a change for which you must activate the developer options.

To do so, within Settings it is necessary to go to Phone information and repeatedly click on the Build number section . After this, you have to go to System, and there access Developer Options. In this menu there are three types of items to turn off. It’s a classic Android trick that never fails to slightly improve your speed.


Look for Window Animation Scale, Transition Animation Scale, and Animation Duration Scale and disable them. When the adjustment is complete, these actions, which are purely aesthetic and may slightly slow down the device, will have been removed .

Check updates

It is possible that, if the device is not too old, there is an update available for it that can help it perform better, either by having a new version of Android or simply by receiving optimizations from the manufacturer’s customization layer. On most devices the update process can be carried out from Settings, accessing the System section and once there clicking on system update.

There are some layers in which manufacturers place this section in the system information. As a general rule, it is advisable to have more than 50% battery  and not interrupt the process at any time by turning off the device, as well as having a WiFi connection.

Every time an update is available, it is highly recommended to download and install it , whether on your mobile or tablet, since not only is it quite likely to improve performance, but they also usually include new features. In terms of security, they will make the device more protected

Google Cleaner

Google has among its own applications what is possibly the best free file explorer , which can be downloaded on Android, without advertising or subscriptions. One of its great advantages is that it also has a utility that allows you to clean the application cache to zero.

The cache memory is made up of temporary files that applications save to be able to access them faster. The negative is that if you spend a long time without cleaning this section, it is possible that they will end up accumulating and hindering performance slightly.


After downloading the application, you just have to access its cleaning section and instead look for the applications that take up the most and click, within each one, on Storage and cache and then only click on delete cache. Deleting the rest of the storage will erase all app data, including downloaded content that may not have been backed up.

Use light apps

It is not always necessary to use the main version of applications. Google has some less demanding alternatives in terms of performance for platforms such as Google Maps or the search engine itself, and they can help you enjoy the same functions using fewer resources.

One of their main advantages is that they are very low in weight, which also helps save space in the internal memory. It is true that in some cases these applications do not have all the advantages that their conventional versions do.

On the other hand, there are many applications, such as social networks, that have what is known as a web app, that is, a mobile web version in the form of an application that can be added as a shortcut to the home screen. This way it will not be necessary to download Instagram. Twitter or Facebook, but all you have to do is open its web version in Google Chrome and click on the Add to home screen button.

Activate virtual RAM


For a few years now, a good part of Android phones have had the native option of using virtual RAM to improve performance. This option means that the system can be granted permission to use a part of the device’s internal memory as RAM.

This does not work at the same speed as RAM, so the effect is not the same as if the mobile phone had more of this memory, but it is true that it is an aid that can be very useful when managing the memory. multitask.


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