The 4 tricks to organize Google Photos and avoid having to pay the subscription

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The message announcing that the memory of the Google suite is almost full is increasingly common; With these tricks it will be easier to postpone it.

When Google launched Google Photos it seemed that we were facing the definitive online storage system. allowed save unlimited images and videos, with compression so good that quality was barely lost. It used our Gmail account, so there was no need to create new records, it was able to search by faces, environments and objects… Too good to be true? The truth is yes, because Google radically changed one of its greatest advantages: unlimited free access.

Unexpectedly Google decided that Google Photos accounts would no longer have independent storage from Gmail accounts. This implied that the space of said email accounts, 15 GB, would be used not only for emails and their attachments, but also for the videos and photos that we had hosted in Google Photos.

The reality is that not everyone in 2020, when the change occurred, had filled those 15 GB, but being sure that the space was unlimited, many had saved there not only important photos, but all kinds of blurry images. , social media memes, etc. At the moment More and more users are seeing how the system warns them that their space is close to being full, so your images and videos will not be backed up to the cloud. With these tips the time to pay will be delayed.

Review photos every so often

The first tip is a fairly obvious, simple one, but one that few people follow, due to laziness or forgetfulness. Is about periodically review the images that are saved in the account. It is not mandatory to do it daily, especially if you do not usually take photos daily, but doing it once a week, for example, is convenient.

This way, it is possible to detect photos that have been saved by mistake, like screenshots on Samsung phones, which are stored automatically. You can also delete images that have been taken to be sent through social networks or messaging applications but that have been taken with the mobile camera and not the application’s camera and have also been saved.

Creating albums in Google Photos

By spending a couple of minutes a day or a little more a week You can guarantee that the saved images and videos are the important ones, and there is no trash that takes up precious MB of space within the account. You can even consider doing it once a month, but the important thing is to do it periodically.

Do not link WhatsApp

Many people have photos of their family or friends not because they took them, but because They come to you from WhatsApp. It is possible to link the folder of the images received by this application to Google Photos, so that they are saved automatically, but that can also be a problem.

Video on WhatsApp

If all the images and videos that arrive by messaging are stored, it is possible that sooner rather than later prank videos, TikTok reposts or memes will be found in our Google Photos account. If these images are not usually received, it may not be a problem to link the account, but If mostly what you receive are those images, it is better not to do it.. In addition, you can always share photos received with Google Photos using Android’s own share menu.

Save only important photos

When you take a trip you usually take advantage of it to take photos and videos. When the cameras were analog, the number of images taken was limited. You had to pay for the reels, and then for the developing, and then, perhaps, for the albums. Currently the cost of taking a photo is minimal, so It’s not uncommon to take a trip and save several hundred shots.

If account space is limited It is not a bad idea to save only those that we like the most, perhaps 20 or 30 from each trip, instead of a hundred or several that, in the end, will never be seen. This is especially applicable to videos, which take up much more space than images.

Image compression

When you first set up a Google account The system asks if you want to upload the images in full resolution or in compressed form, so that they take up less space. Google’s compression algorithm leaves them at 16 Mpx, with minimal quality loss, so it is always good to make that choice if there is not much space.

Of course, if you change your phone, sometimes the system changes and requires the photos to be stored in maximum resolution, so it is important to check that the settings are correct. To do this you have to enter the Google Photos settingsin it avatar in the upper right corner, and there select Backup and then Backup quality. You must select the Storage Saving option.

In the end, it will be paid… or not

It is important to emphasize that having limited space, those 15 GB, it is a matter of time before it ends up filling up, unless old photos are deleted, but it is not something that people want to do. The current cost of this service is acceptable, about 2 euros per month in its 100 GB version. Sooner or later you will have to check out, unless you change supplier.

Amazon Photos

There are Open Source alternatives to Google Photos, and others that many people have contracted but do not use, such as Amazon Photos, included in Amazon Prime in Spain. The biggest drawback of this platform is that it allows you to save unlimited photos, but videos They are counted separately, and if many are saved at the end a payment rate will have to be contracted.

In any case, it is always advisable to store photos in an online service, but also on a physical hard drive at home. It is something that serves as a backup in the event that access to the Google Photos account is lost, and the cloud backup is useful if there has been a problem at home, such as a theft, fire or flood.

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