The 4 simple ways to find plans in your city using only your mobile

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If you don’t know what to do and you feel like going out, these apps can help you find exhibitions, activities, guided tours and much more.

After finishing a long week of work, everyone likes to disconnect and make different plans than those made during the week. In all cities and towns in Spain there are activities cultural, business and emblematic sites that are worth visiting to have a good time and get out of the routine a little.

However, there are times when it can be difficult to discover these types of places, and as happens when searching for a restaurant, the mobile phone is one of the best aids that exist for this. There are several ways in which you can take a look at many dating plans.

In this way, you can better understand the cultural offering of each city, and it can be very good for making family plans, finding new plans. Thus, you can have everything planned without leaving home, eliminating uncertainty when it comes to hanging out.


This is one of the best apps out there for finding things to do in the city, whether in your own city or when going on vacation elsewhere. The first thing the application asks is that each user select their interests from a list that includes plans for family, couples, cinema, art, gastronomy and much more.

After having carried out this initial configuration, the application shows a selection of the 10 most popular plans of the moment, which can include any of the categories. Right after it is found a section with plans selected based on the user’s tastesin which personalization and the personal tastes of each one do come into play.


Within the file of each activity it is possible to see information about its price, its schedules, the description of what they propose and you can even make a reservation for the day and time you want. The application also has a section from which you can see the tickets that have been purchased through it, so, in this sense, it also acts as a virtual wallet.


In this case, the platform does not focus so much on dividing categories of the different activities it includes, but after entering the location in which you want to search, it will show all types of available plans. There is the possibility of accessing a search engine in which different filters can be applied to find the idea that best suits each person’s needs in terms of date, time or type of activity.


It has its own favorites section to save plans that may be of interest in the future and thus access them quickly. There is a section where you can show all the plans that can be done for freeso if you want to do an activity without spending money, you can search for it here.

It also has its own section dedicated to storing tickets that are purchased through the platform, so when you go to the site in question you only need to open it and show it. It is possible to follow specific organizers to be aware of their upcoming events.

Social networks

Just as it happens when looking for a restaurant for lunch, there are many times that social networks can be the best inspiration. In many cities, you can find accounts that are dedicated to disseminating plans and activities ideal to do on the weekend or when you have time.

There are times when this type of Instagram, TikTok or even Twitter accounts They specialize in free activities that have no cost and that, generally, are promoted by public administrations. Thanks to the ability of social networks to save other people’s posts, it is possible to have all this content at hand to be able to see it when necessary and then decide what to do.

Popular places on Instagram

Beyond this, in smaller towns, the town hall profiles on Facebook and other platforms usually echo the mass events that will be held soon. In places that are somewhat smaller, it is one of the best methods, since some of the apps on the list are only available for cities of considerable size.


One of the longest running apps in this area. In this case, the platform allows users to share places they like, rating them and commenting on some things that can be done in that location. It has several sections aimed at finding places to eat, but also to discover things to do.


The default order of these is by average score, but there are other filters such as price or opening hours that can help you find new places easily, although, if you prefer, it is possible to open a map view. It also has its own section to save content for later viewing.

Within the file of each site it is possible to access useful information such as schedules, opinions from other users, advice for people who have never been there, as well as contact information – if any – for the place and direct access to Google Maps to be able to easily trace a route there.


In this case, it is an application that may be more recommended when you are sightseeing than when you are in your own city, but Even so, it can also be used to find excursionsvisits and routes that may be of interest if you want to have a professional to guide you.

There are tours that even include routes through surrounding cities, so it is also a good option to leave your city and see other places, but returning on the same day. A good alternative to get out of the routine on the weekends.


This application focuses more on guided excursions and trips than on experiences that one can do on their own, so if you are looking for plans that can be done completely free of charge, it is not the best option. Of course, when it comes to making group plans it can be quite interesting.

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