The 4 actions you should do so that no one sneaks into your bank application

the 4 actions you should do so that no one sneaks into your bank application
the 4 actions you should do so that no one sneaks into your bank application

Although they can be a fantastically useful tool, certain precautions must be taken when using bank management apps.

Smartphones have become devices from which much more than calls are made in Spain. Thanks to their great versatility, they can function as a music player , a device to manage tasks and even to carry out procedures related to bank accounts.

All the banks available in Spain for users to open an account have their own application for Android and iOS. This provides a large number of possibilities, such as making transfers from anywhere, setting rules on accounts and even changing your spending limits, all without having to access the platform from a computer.


However, certain precautions must be taken when using the bank’s application, since there are some actions that may not be highly recommended in some situations. Considering the important information they contain, losing the password or revealing private information can be harmful to the user.

Choose a good secure password


The bank’s virtual platform is one of the most important that we have on our mobile, and, therefore, it is essential to choose a completely secure password that is not easy to guess knowing personal information. In this way, it will not be possible to extract it using personal information .


Some tips recommended by experts are to combine upper and lower case, as well as use symbols and try to keep it at least 10 characters long, although the longer the better. It is also necessary to avoid obvious patterns that can be guessed using logic.

This also applies to the four-digit pin that must be used to operate. If it is easy to guess, such as the cardholder’s year of birth, other people might know what it is. Therefore, the more random this code is, the better. Bank apps usually have two-step verification activated for tasks such as transfers, and if this is not the case, it is best to activate it from the settings so that just the password is not enough to carry out such an action.

Keep the app updated

Developers frequently update their applications with performance and security improvements. Some of these latest changes are not visible to the naked eye, but they help make the application more protected and user data less susceptible to being stolen.

This happens in any type of app, from social networks to task applications. Therefore, as soon as Google Play notifies the user that an update is available, it is best to install it as soon as possible . In fact, many people even leave the automatic update option on so they don’t have to take care of it manually.

Don’t open it on public WiFi 

Connecting to an unsecured WiFi network in a public place may pose certain risks to the user. Cybercriminals can take advantage of the data and content of the phone that is connected to this type of network. In itself, it is not advisable to connect to a network of this type , much less to carry out any weight management related to the bank, since other people could take advantage of it.


If a virtual private network (VPN) is used , this type of network could be used to access such important information. This technology is capable of encrypting the user’s browsing so that it is fully protected, making it not important that the network in question is not secure.

It is also important to be careful when entering the password into the app while in a public space, such as sitting on the bus or in a store. We must ensure that no one can see what we write from behind, either in person or from a video surveillance camera in a closed establishment.

Be careful with apps

Malware can present itself in very different ways on Android. There is, for example, Adware , which consists of applications that infect the mobile with advertising, while there are others that constantly redirect the user to websites that generate profits for cybercriminals.


However, there is another type of virus called keyloggers and its purpose goes further. These are infected apps that seek to know everything the user does on the device, including the keyboard keys they press . This way they can obtain the passwords that are used on the different platforms that the user usually accesses on a daily basis.

That is why you have to be careful when installing applications from unknown sources. You should always go to official stores such as Google Play, where exhaustive security checks are carried out. There is another type of malware that is capable of seeing and controlling everything that happens on the screen and that can also be dangerous. In short, now more than ever, it is important to protect your mobile phone if you plan to use banking or work apps.


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