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The 25 best companies to work for in Spain according to LinkedIn

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LinkedIn has carried out a study, for the second consecutive year, in which it determines which are the best companies to work for in Spain.

The second edition of LinkedIn’s “Top Companies 2022” list has just been published

The Top Companies 2022 list is made up of the 25 companies that, according to the professional social network, “offer the most opportunities for growth and career development in Spain”.

To make the list, LinkedIn has focused its analysis on the following seven pillars: growth capacity, skills development, company stability and affinity with it, external opportunities, gender diversity and level of training academic.

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In addition to following this methodology, LinkedIn ensures that the companies that are part of the list should stand out in sectors such as information technology services, accounting, insurance, telecommunications or health care, among others.

Top Companies 2022

To be part of the list prepared by LinkedIn, companies had to have at least 500 employees as of December 31, 2021 and the workforce reduction (turnover and/or layoffs) could not exceed 10% in the last 12 months (according to data of LinkedIn and/or public information).

In the same way, all hiring and recruitment companies, educational institutions and government agencies have been left out of the list. LinkedIn, its parent company Microsoft, and Microsoft affiliates were also not allowed to participate in the analysis.

Finally, only parent companies are listed; majority-owned subsidiaries and data on affiliates are added to your total score. All data counts are normalized based on company size across the set of companies that can participate in the list.

These are the companies that are part of the “Top Companies 2022” list prepared by LinkedIn:

NTT Ltd.








BNP Paribas











Sopra Steria


Makro (Metro AG)

Volkswagen A.G.

Fresenius Group



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