The 2021 of the PC market makes everyone smile. But Apple is growing more than the others


Canalys’ report on the trend of PC sales in 2021 it is a photograph of a market that is exploding with health. “Merit” of the Covid pandemic, which has raised the demand curve of those objects that allow you to cancel distances and work or study from home, a need of which, in fact, PCs represent the perfect synthesis.

While 2021 was the year of digital transformation, 2022 will be the year of digital acceleration – says Rushabh Doshi, Principal Analyst of Canalys. In the past two years, demand for technology has exploded and the effects continue to weigh on the supply chain, impacting not only the availability of PCs, but also smartphones, cars and servers.

Doshi recognizes the difficulties of a sector struggling with a chip crisis that until a few years ago was not even in the thoughts of the most pessimistic, but he is convinced high demand will spur industries and manufacturers to do their best to maintain current rhythms.

We expect revenue to grow in the PC, monitor, accessories and other premium technology industries that allow you to work from anywhere, collaborate around the world and stay productive. The importance of better, faster, resilient and secure PCs has never been greater, and the industry is willing to innovate to keep up the momentum.


Closed one year “with a bang”, says Canalys: “shipments in the fourth quarter of 2021 exceeded 90 million for the second consecutive year”. Thus, in total, 341 million units were shipped, with a + 15% on 2020, + 27% on the pre-Covid year, 2019, as well as a record since 2012. The turnover of the entire sector also shines, the turnover: 250 billion dollars against 220 in 2020, a good 15% more. Furthermore:

  • Laptops and portable workstations: + 16% in 2021 compared to 2020, 275 million total units
  • Desktops and fixed workstations: + 7% in 2021 compared to 2020, 66 million total units


In the last quarter of 2021 Lenovo remained at the top of the rankings of manufacturers who sold the largest number of units, followed by HP. However, both pay a decrease in comparison with the same period of 2020, unlike the three pursuers – Dell, Apple and Acer – who smile thanks to a growth that in the worst case exceeds 6%. Positions in any case unchanged compared to the previous quarter.

The numbers of individual producers throughout 2021.

Apple parades to Dell by 0.1% the palm of the company growth more in the comparison year on year, but for the men of Cupertino it is much better if you put aside the fourth quarter for the results of 2021 in their entirety. With a + 28% in the year-on-year comparison, Apple proves to grow at a higher rate: Acer follows with + 22%, but no other player among the top five players is able to surpass the 20% growth threshold over 2020.