The 15 Best Android Games for Toddlers

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Carefully choose the best mobile games for kids that you want to install on your mobile is one of the precautions that you should have. So when you lend your smartphone to a minor, to entertain or amuse him, you will know that he is using his time in one of the best titles on the market.

In some video games for children you can also socialize, which is an element that must also be closely watched.

There is no shortage of really suitable mobile games for kids in the app stores. Therefore, in the following selection you will find something for all tastes. From adventure games to endless running video games and puzzle titles, all of which are great for stimulating kids’ creativity. Use them sparingly and enjoy.

The best mobile games for young children

– Minion Rush: is the game of the famous yellow characters that appear in the Gru movies: My favorite villain. This title is the most entertaining for the little ones to play both on the mobile and on the tablet. The objective of the game is, as the name indicates, to run as long as possible while collecting bananas and overcoming a series of obstacles.

– Animal Jam – Play Wild!: You start by choosing which animal you want to be and then you start interacting with the rest of the colorful characters that you will find in the world of the video game. In addition to the above, a very remarkable feature of this title is that it also works as an educational game. This is because it contains information about nature and animals, as well as downloadable eBooks.

–LEGO Life: In this game the little ones in the house will enjoy all the fun that the most famous construction figures can offer in a virtual way. LEGO Life is recommended for children because it has a safe community. In it they will be able to complete challenges, share their creations with other users and build anything they can imagine.

– Minecraft: The famous Mojang game is, without a doubt, one of the best alternatives to stimulate children’s creative abilities. In Minecraft, players can build, farm, interact, explore, and pretty much do whatever they want in its vast open world. The game is not free, but it has a trial version.

–My Tamagotchi Forever: is the adaptation for mobile devices of the classic game developed by Bandai NAMCO. The goal in this video game is for the user to be able to keep his character well fed, clean and happy. Additionally, Tamagotchi Forever allows the child to roam and explore its open world and meet new friends.

– Sago Mini World – Friends: According to the developer, this title is aimed at children between the ages of two and four. Friends is one of many installments of Sago Mini titles. This version brings together all the characters from the different video games of the franchise. With this game, the child will learn virtues such as empathy and generosity while carrying out activities such as delivering gifts or having a snack with friends.

More Android games for children that you might like

Parenting in the digital age is not an easy task because the internet can be full of risks and harmful content that children should not be exposed to. However, with the best games for children between the ages of 2 and 8, which can be downloaded directly from the PlayStore for any Android device.

1. Touch Kitchen 2

Toca Kitchen is part of the series of games developed by Toca Boca. This game, in the style of the mythical Cooking Mama, encourages children to create all kinds of culinary combinations and present them to the public. At the end of the game, children receive funny ratings for their plate and can continue creating.

This game is free and does not have any type of advertisement or in-app purchase. In addition, as part of the values ​​defended by the developer Toca Boca, the characters in the game are gender neutral and all the stories or challenges have an open ending.

Rating in the PlayStore: ✩✩✩✩ (4.5/5)

2. The tale of the foxes

This game by OhNoo Studio aims to help children under the age of 8 to learn to read. It consists of an interactive game posed as a story, where children can go through 45 pages of the story with handmade illustrations and up to 84 objects to find.

The tale of foxes is priced at 1.39 euros. However, within the app there are no ads or internal purchases.

Rating in the PlayStore: ✩✩✩✩ (4.5/5)

3.Thinkrolls 2

Thinkrolls is one of the most popular games from the developer Avokiddo, specialized in creating apps for children. In Thinkrolls, the child must solve a series of puzzles, through which he will be able to mobilize 32 characters through 270 levels that progressively increase in difficulty.

The aim of the game is to help the child stimulate their imagination and logical understanding in order to complete the puzzles and mazes.

This second installment of Thinkrolls is priced at 3.99 euros and has no ads or in-app purchases.

Rating in the PlayStore: ✩✩✩✩✩ (5/5)

4. Zap Zap Kindergarten Math

Zap Zap is an educational game for children that aims to introduce children between the ages of 3 and 6 to the world of mathematics. To do this, the game focuses on creating fun and accessible challenges for the child’s age, with which the child can progressively learn an introduction to mathematics.

Zap Zap Kindergarten Math is priced at 3.19 euros, but like other games of this type, once the payment is made, users receive an app free of ads and internal purchases, safer for infants.

Rating in the PlayStore: ✩✩✩✩✩ (5/5)

6. The Solar System – Astro Cat

This game from the developer PEGI 3 helps children discover the wonders of our universe with the help of Professor Astro Cat and his friend Astro Mouse. In the game, children will be able to discover and learn about planets, spaceships, moons, and so on. Even beyond the educational aspect, The Solar System – Astro Cat has a mini game, which allows the app to vary between teaching and fun.

The game is priced at 3.99 euros and has no ads or in-app purchases.

Rating in the PlayStore: ✩✩✩✩✩ (4.7/5)

7. Kids Piano Games PRO

Another educational format game, but this time focused on art. This app developed by AppQuiz aims to teach your child some basic resources about the piano and how to identify the sounds of various instruments.

In this sense, the game motivates children to creatively explore music by helping a band of monsters prepare for a concert. In Piano Games PRO, children will learn up to 8 musical notes and will be able to replicate some of the most popular children’s songs.

This game is priced at 2.99 euros and does not have ads or in-app purchases.

Rating in the PlayStore: ✩✩✩✩ (4/5)

8. Sago Mini Robot Party

This puzzle game aims to stimulate the child’s creativity, motivating him to create a robot through the different parts of hundreds of robots. In this way, children will be able to mix and use any part that they like and thus create the robot of their choice.

Sago Mini robot party is priced at 4.49 euros and has no ads or in-app purchases.

Rating in the PlayStore: ✩✩✩✩ (4.5/5)

9. LEGO Creator Islands

The popular brand of puzzle-type toys is also highly relevant in the digital environment, as the LEGO series of games allows children to create all kinds of structures, animals, and objects, virtually using the same system as with their games. real.

This game is free and has no in-app purchases or ads.

Rating in the PlayStore: ✩✩✩✩ (4/5)


KIDS is a short video game ideal for gaming sessions of less than 30 minutes. The game consists of moving a character towards or against a crowd, with the aim of seeing which option frees up the game space first.

Unlike the other options that are in this ranking, the game does not have an educational or creative purpose. However, it can serve as an alternative to entertain children in short periods of time.

KIDS is priced at 2.69 euros and has no ads or in-app purchases.

Rating in the PlayStore: ✩✩✩(3.8/5)

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