The 14-inch iPad Ultra will be much more powerful than expected, why?

The 14-inch iPad Ultra will be much more powerful than expected, why?
the 14 inch ipad ultra will be much more powerful than

For some time it has been commented that Apple will launch more expensive models and the range of tablets iPad Pro in 2024, including the rumored Ultra or 14-inch model. Now there is a new leak that shows details about this particular model, which could offer more power than expected (which was already a lot).

Apple could launch a 14-inch iPad known as the Ultra next year, which could be powered by the powerful M3 Pro chipset. This component could allow demanding applications in the processing section, such as Final Cut Pro, to be possible to use on the devices we are talking about. By the way, this will not prevent Apple from announcing two iPad Pro models next year, 11 and 13 inches respectively.

A power above laptops

According to the source of the information, the Cupertino firm will introduce a 14-inch iPad Pro equipped with a processor that would mean a inflection point in the segment of Apple tablets due to its work capacity. If this were to come to fruition, it would be the first time that these computers would surpass even the company’s laptops in the performance section. raw performancewhich would further blur the difference between these products that is less and less clear.


The same system-on-chip is expected to power next year’s MacBook range, but once it’s already official inside the iPad Ultra we’re talking about. There are no details on how this upcoming SoC will perform, or what processing and graphics improvements it might offer compared to the Apple M2 Pro, but everything points to it could double the capacity of the previous generation.

Improvements to the iPad operating system

It has also been mentioned that there are plans to renew the iPadOS and introduce important functions in 2024. Thus, for example, they will include various programs and applications exclusive to macOS in future versions of the operating system for tablets from Apple next year.

In addition to the M3 Pro chipset, the 2024 iPad Pro is expected to feature a OLED display which would have smaller bezels and a slimmer form factor. With an update like this, Apple could also set new prices for its tablets… which won’t be particularly cheap, as is logical to think in the case of the firm led by Tim Cook.