The 107 new emojis that arrive on WhatsApp

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This week has seen WhatsApp renewed its catalog of emojis with the arrival of 107 new emojismany of them are actually color variants of other existing ones or some of the new ones, so in reality, based on the base models (not counting the respective color variants in each one) there are 37 new emojis.

With 37 basic emojis, the different color combinations total 107 new emojis

The different types of emoji can be classified according to the graphic group in which they fall. Thus, there are emojis of faces or variants on the classic smiley, people, parts of the body (with a special category for handshakes) and objects.

In the section of the faces the following can be found:

-Expensive smiley melting.

-Expensive with a hand covering her mouth and her eyes wide open, as if showing surprise.

-Expensive surprised covering her eyes but letting one of them peek out.

-Expensive with one hand making a military-type salute

-Expensive with dotted line, as if becoming invisible.

-Expensive smiley that seems to want to hold back tears of laughter.

-Expensive with diagonal mouth.

whatsapp smileys

The people section shows the following new features:

-Person gender neutral with a crown.

-Person gender neutral pregnant.

-Men pregnant.

-Troll smiling mischievously.

-Lips They bite each other suggestively.

emoji people

The body parts:

-Hand directed to the right, to shake another hand.

-Hand directed to the left, to shake another hand.

-Hand pointing to the right, palm down.

-Hand directed to the left, palm up.

-Hand with forefinger and thumb snapping, as if to indicate that money is being counted.

-Index pointing forward, pointing accusingly.

-Two hands forming the silhouette of a heart.

new whatsapp emojis

the handshakesbased on a single emoticon, now offer up to 20 different variants by showing all possible combinations between hands of up to five different skin tones.

hands emoji

Others are finally added 18 new assorted emoticons representing various objects of all kinds: low battery, mirror ball, bubbles, coral, beans, hamsa or protective hand of Fatima, liquid pouring from a tilted glass, lotus, crutch, nest with eggs, empty nest, x-ray, car wheel, lifebuoy, equals sign thick stroke, name card, empty jar and a slide.

whatsapp objects


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