The 100 gigabyte fiber is already here: it will begin to be deployed in March

the 100 gigabyte fiber is already here: it will begin
the 100 gigabyte fiber is already here: it will begin

100 gig fiber optic

With the passage of time, the speed of Internet connection has been increasing. In its day, we could barely enjoy a few megabytes through ADSL. However, they have already been achieved up to 100 Gbps speed. Therefore, for the moment, fiber optics is destined to be the protagonist in the different connections that we will see in these years.



Although, this time, it is not any kind of test like the ones we have been seeing over the past few months. This time we are facing the option that Globecast, thanks to Net Insight, is going to launch on the European market starting in March of this year. Basically, it will start deploy 100 Gbps fiber.

Up to 100 gigs of fiber

The globecast company announced just a few days ago that, starting next March, fiber up to 100 Gbps will arrive in its company’s GCBN fiber network. And all in collaboration with Net Insight technology. In this way, it will be possible to guarantee customers that they opt for this fiber speed with the lowest possible latency and close synchronization of the sources.

In addition, Sebastien Fauzan, Director of Marketing and Business Development for Sport and Direct with Globecast, stated that ‘featured in a large number of contribution projects, distribution and our media supply chain services‘. More than anything, because they are going to achieve a fiber backbone in Europe that reaches 100 Gbps maximum speed, supplied by Globecast’s parent company, Orange. In addition, this fiber speed is going to be able to expand the capacity of ‘continued growth in things like remote production and 4K usage. Enables our clients to meet viewer requirements in an increasingly competitive environment‘.




Optical fiber

Where will it be available?

This company is first updating its GCBN fiber network in Europe, specifically through POP technology, thanks to the association with Net Insight, in different large cities such as London, Frankfurt and Paris. Although, as they have confirmed from the company, ‘other regions will follow this year‘.

Therefore, throughout the year, this fiber speed of up to 100 gigs will reach more corners of Europe. Finally, Fauzan stated that ‘This isn’t just a case of increasing available bandwidth, it’s about providing a seamless, low-latency, perfectly synchronized network designed to power today’s complex services.‘.

It must be taken into account that, in order to guarantee this low latency and a tight synchronization of the transmissions, this company uses the central processing technology Net Insight Nimbra 1060 in different important points of the network. In this way, it is possible to align at the time of delivery, allowing synchronized reproduction at different times, such as remote production. Even IP-based synchronization using PTP can be extended to wide area networks.