The 10 most viewed YouTube videos in Spain in 2021

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youtube logo negro.jpg
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The month of December begins and with it, the compilations and summaries of the year that is about to end (although there are still 31 days left).

The compilations of the year begin and in this case YouTube has been ahead of the rest of the platforms

In this sense, YouTube has just communicated which have been the 10 most viewed videos of the year in Spain in the last 12 months. The list shows a certain “return to normalcy” after a year 2020 in which mainly users had used the video platform owned by Google to learn and stay up-to-date on the coronavirus pandemic.

However, in 2021 a certain normalcy has returned, mostly using YouTube to entertain themselves, enjoy music and remember great television moments.

According to YouTube, the ten most viewed videos this year on YouTube in Spain are the following:


2. How to draw a couple walking in the rain- Jay Lee Painting

3.- Interview with Omar Montes in La Resistencia in Movistar +

4. There is no one who lives here. Season 5. Chapter 1. «Once upon a contradiction» Full Chapter- ATRESplayer Premium

5. Blondes rate your setups- elrubiusOMG

6. Pablo Díaz in the Rosco de Pasapalabra- Antena 3

7. We put a face to Siri’s voice in «Your face sounds backwards to me» – Hormigas- El Hormiguero. Antenna 3

8. Just put an egg in a tomato and you will be amazed.

9. The baby does not understand anything until the hearing aid is turned on – HumanaMente

10. Duel of jokes between Joaquín and Luis Lara, in El Show de Bertín – Jerez Televisión