The 10 most photographed places on Instagram

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Knowing which are the most photographed places on Instagram is very simple, since you only have to be aware of the reference points with the most hashtags and labels, something very similar to what happens with the most photographed cities on social networks. Now, it is worth taking a look at this Instagram top because there are areas and monuments that stand out for their beauty and originality.

On Instagram there are millions of photos from places around the world, but Paris continues to captivate people’s hearts.

It may seem that the classics no longer sell as before, but the truth is that Paris and the Eiffel Tower continue to give a lot to talk about on Instagram. Despite this, there are other places that have also set a trend, here we will reveal the complete list.

– Eiffel Tower: As we mentioned, this tower is the main attraction center of Instagram, it has been the most photographed monument of the year. It generates immense love and has millions of followers. In this year 2022, 7.2 million hashtags of this architectural work were registered.

– Burj Khalifa: It is a skyscraper that is located in Dubai, it is not strange because this city has become a viral phenomenon on social networks. The Burj Khalifa has 6.2 million hashtags.

– Grand Canyon: for something to be beautiful it is not necessary for the hand of man to intervene. The Grand Canyon of Arizona is a work of nature that continues to surprise locals and strangers. It has 4.2 million hashtags.

– Louvre Museum: again, France and Paris return to this list with the spectacular Louvre Museum. Little can be added, it is enough to mention that La Gioconda (Mona Lisa) is on display. This museum has 3.6 million hashtags.

–London Eye: This is a huge ferris wheel or ferris wheel that is located on the South Bank, London. The attraction receives 3.75 million visits a year, making it the most popular tourist attraction in the UK. On Instagram he has 3.4 million hashtags.

–Big Ben: We are back in London with Big Ben, it is a great bell of the clock that is located in the northwest area of ​​the Palace of Westminster, the seat of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. Big Ben stands out for its 3.2 million hashtags.

– Golden Gate Bridge: We arrived at the famous California suspension bridge, which is responsible for joining the San Francisco peninsula with southern Marin County. This work has 3.2 million hashtags.

–Empire State Building: the remarkable skyscraper that is on Fifth Avenue in New York, a construction that will not go unnoticed by those who visit this city. For this reason, it has registered a total of 3.1 million hashtags.

– Burj Al Arab: a luxury hotel 321 meters high that is located just 270 meters from the Arabian Gulf. The facilities of this hotel are incredible, its design is of the most modern and it is a true attraction for visitors. He has registered 2.7 million hashtags.

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– Sacred Family: The Basilica of the Sagrada Familia is known throughout the world, anyone who passes through Spain will want a photo inside and outside of this work that has become a trend on social networks. It has 2.6 million hashtags.

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