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The 10 most downloaded smartphone apps in the world

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The firm Apptopia has published its list of the most downloaded mobile games and applications for the sixth consecutive year. In this post, you can discover the ones that have been downloaded the most in the last twelve months, both on iOS and Android. The specialized analysis company compiles each year the applications with the most downloads of the year. The reign of TikTok on mobiles To establish this ranking, Apptopia has counted the number of downloads —between January 1, 2022 and December 20, 2022— on iOS and Android. The Chinese market is an exception that only takes into account data on iOS. To be counted, a download must be made by a different user. Consequently, an application that has been uninstalled and then reinstalled will not be taken into account. Also, downloads of the same apps will not be counted more than once if the same login information is used on a new smartphone. With 672 million new downloads in 2022, TikTok is the most downloaded app Worldwide. Nothing new in the sense that Bytedance’s app has topped the rankings for the past three years in a row. CapCut, another app from the company, rose to fourth on the list. Its 357 million downloads are due to the fact that it is used to create videos that are later posted on TikTok. The Meta company has not been left behind Meta, which places three of its services in the top 10 (Instagram, second with 548 million users, WhatsApp, third with 424 million, and Facebook, eighth with 298 million), is the other great winner of this world ranking. Three rival apps stand out: Snapchat (5th with 330 million users), Telegram (6th with 310 million) and Spotify (10th with 238 million). As you can see, tastes change considerably from year to year, but there are applications that are always on top. Users have very clear tastes and preferences in terms of audiovisual consumption, music and social networks. Trends are very important and that directly affects mobile app downloads. >

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