The 10 euro smart gadget that you should have at home to take full advantage of your electric water heater


Electric water heater in a bathroom

More and more homes are opting for an electric heater instead of a gas one, and that has advantages in connecting the smart home.

Home automation is becoming increasingly popular in Spain, due to the new housing developments that include it and because of the cost-effectiveness of starting to control certain things using products from Amazon, Google and many other companies. There are many reasons to automate a house, and one of the most important is economic savings.

Until not long ago in Spain, most houses used gas water heaters, either with a general supply installation, such as electricity or water, or using individual gas cylinders. But more and more people are choosing to install electric water heaters with water accumulators..

This type of installation is much more economical, in addition to using electricity and not gas, so at the end of the month this can also mean savings, especially if the house has photovoltaic panels. But even if this is not the case, it is possible to spend less by using home automation.

A 10 euro device

All electric water heaters have a plug that provides them with electricity to heat the water in the accumulator. These devices always keep the temperature constant, being able to set whatever you prefer. But There is little point in heating it at night if it is not going to be used.or while you are away from home.

That’s why It is very practical to put a smart plug that can turn it on and off only at the times when it is known that it will be used, or somewhat earlier if the water has to acclimatize. These plugs are controlled from their own application, from voice assistants or from speakers with a screen. And its price is not expensive at all.

The Lidl smart plug.

There are many models, as seen in the article on how to control a fan intelligently, but they start at just over 10 euros. In addition, there are packs in stores like Lidl with three units for just over 30 euros, in case you prefer to buy in another store.

These types of products are also used to control other devices., such as the aforementioned fans, braziers and stoves, lamps, etc. Buying a pack on sale is not a bad idea if you don’t have one at home, and they are also capable of controlling consumption, so you can know how much money each device spends.

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