That’s how easy you can have a free clone of Windows 11 on Linux

Laptop with the Wubuntu operating system installed as an alternative to Windows

No matter how much you have switched to Linux or are thinking about doing so, that does not mean that you cannot find a way to continue enjoying a Windows experience. To do this, we tell you what you have to do to use Linux in the form of a Windows 11 clone so that it seems like you have never left the Microsoft operating system.



We have all complained about Windows on some occasion. But, although it is a platform that has caused many headaches, it cannot be denied that it is a fundamental operating system and of extreme importance. Hence, even after turning our backs on it and going to Linux, it is interesting that we talk about the existence of this alternative.

Wubuntu enters the scene

The name of this operating system combines the two elements that make up its structure: Ubuntu as the base platform and Windows as a complete skin. In fact, its creators say that they are used to users echoing the existence of their platform with the name “Windows Ubuntu”. But the truth is that it is no wonder, since the copy it makes of the Microsoft operating system is so complete that it becomes difficult to differentiate it from the real software.

Selection of features and tools available in Wubuntu



It is important to say that it can be downloaded for free and that it provides the best of Windows, while eliminating the requirements that are not exactly to the taste of Linux users. So, for example, you have no use for Secure Boot, while It also does not make hardware demands like the ones the Microsoft system has. In addition to this, it is not necessary to have a TPM cryptographic module either.

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There are two different versions

There are two editions of Wubuntu that can be accessed. But before talking to you about them, we still want to outline a little more what it means to use this operating system. First of all, we will tell you that it has practically all of the Windows-specific tools, as is the case with PowerShell, Skype, Microsoft Teams or the Edge browser. Not only that, but you have the opportunity to install Windows applications using the Wine system, which provides support for using .msi and .exe files. This means that many of the usual limitations that are common in Linux compared to Windows will not be suffered. It is also, of course, great news for users coming from Windows without having any knowledge of Linux.

As we told you, there are two editions. They are known by the names Windows Ubuntu 11 Plasma and Windows Ubuntu 11 Cinnamon. What is the difference between them? The main feature that varies depending on the version is something as simple as the Cinnamon edition It is inspired by the Windows 10 interface. Therefore, if you miss that version of the Microsoft operating system, you will be able to enjoy it again like the first day. Another important aspect is that the Cinnamon edition is also recommended for those whose computer is not too powerful. It is optimized so that it works perfectly, but is more flexible and fluid regardless of whether your technical components are a little scarce. So, for example, even with 1 GB of RAM you will be able to install it perfectly.

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The other version is Windows Ubuntu 11 Plasma and it is a copy of the Microsoft operating system, but providing it with the best-known features of Linux, such as its security and speed. And although we told you that the Cinnamon version is the most optimized, the Plasma has also been very polished, since it works on computers with 2 GB or more of RAM. Among other functions included, the use of PowerToys stands out, so you can enable compatibility with Android, use the Control Panel or many other significant elements in the daily life of Windows. As we told you, you even have the opportunity to take advantage of Copilot, the Windows AI that will become, in the coming months, one of the most important features of the operating system.

Wubuntu features, including Windows Control Panel

Although it is free, if you want to use it professionally you will have to make the license payment, which has a final price of $35. But to get rid of the itch, you can try it for free and see how well this copy of Windows 11 for Linux has been done.