That’s how easy it is to access and edit the password manager in Microsoft Edge


Microsoft has not only done an excellent job with Windows 11, the latest version of its acclaimed operating system and that has all kinds of functions with which to make a difference with any of its rivals. If not, it finally gave its web browser a facelift so that it became a real alternative to Chrome, Firefox and Opera. Internet Explorer became a laughingstock in the computing industry due to its extreme slowness and poor resource management. Fewer and fewer people were using Microsoft’s browser, even if it’s native to Windows, so the Redmond-based company decided to take action on the matter. And for this they decided to make a complete facelift to the interface, add the dozens of functions that its rivals currently have and launch a new version with a completely renewed name and functionality to offer a better user experience. The result is that Microsoft Edge is gaining ground to position itself as the most used browser. And seeing everything it offers, and the constant updates it receives to improve its functionality, it’s no wonder that the use of this powerful browser is increasing. How to access the Microsoft Edge password manager Also, if you know the best tips and tricks to get the most out of Microsoft Edge, you can make the most of everything this complete browser and alternative to Google Chrome or Firefox has to offer. For this reason, today we are going to talk about password management. How could it be otherwise, Microsoft Edge offers you the possibility of saving the passwords you use on a regular basis to always have them at hand. A function that we have already seen in other browsers and the truth is that it works really well, saving us time and more than one headache. In addition, and how could it be otherwise, Microsoft Edge allows you to access all saved passwords to view, delete or edit them. To do this, as explained on the Microsoft support website, all you have to do is follow the following path to be able to manage any saved password. Open the Microsoft Edge settings menu Click on Settings Now, you must click on Profiles Finally, select Passwords. As you may have seen, through this menu where you will be able to edit, delete or even add new passwords in a very comfortable way. A very simple and perfect trick if you use the Windows browser. >

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