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A smartphone charging with a wireless system

The next evolution of wireless charging of devices is already close to being a reality. The new Qi2 standard has been approved and guarantees, as reported by the WPC (Wireless Power Consortium), that it will not only globalize wireless charging, but will also provide an important series of advantages. Get ready to ditch the cable once and for all.

Specialists were considering whether we would end the year 2023 witnessing the launch of the Qi2 standard or if its release would be postponed until 2024. But it is obvious that the industry would like to benefit of its availability this year, since the Christmas campaign is too sweet a time to pass up. Finally, it has been confirmed that the first certified products will be available before the end of the year.

A standard that comes to unify

The introduction of the Qi2 wireless charging standard was originally carried out at CES in Las Vegas this year and the truth is that it went out with a bang. It won the award for best technology at the event and has also amassed other recognitions throughout the year. No one is aware that it has been a joint effort in which many specialists and different companies have collaborated to benefit the market. After all, it is based on MagSafe technology, which you surely know is the creation of Apple.

Wireless charging system for mobile



Today there are already more than 100 devices that are being certified or have already gone through the process to have support for this technology. Brands like Anker or Belkin have their repertoire of accessories ready in order to have their certified technology starting with the Christmas campaign.

Four technological promises

The WPC consortium places special emphasis on the fact that Qi2 wireless charging technology makes four promises so that it becomes a success and something that is common in the daily lives of users. It is about offering a quality magnetic system, a higher level of efficiency in loading processes, more speed and ample comfort that will be noticed above what its predecessor offered. All of this would be something that we should enjoy from the moment we start charging our mobile with one of these wireless chargers that have been certified.

The most important thing about the deployment of this new technology is that manufacturers They are working at maximum speed so that its devices are available in 2023 so that users can benefit from it immediately. But it is not surprising that so much attention is being paid to it, given that the jump in speed with respect to the use of the Qi standard is going to be significant. If before charging reached a maximum of 7.5 W, now with the new standard it will reach up to 15 W. To do this, users must have both a device that is compatible and a charger that has been certified.

Anker brand wireless charger

The best thing about all this is that wireless charging finally has a chance of becoming a success and overturning the bad impressions it left in the past. Because, until now, it was very common to not trust chargers since many of them were not offering very efficient charging speed levels, especially compared to the iPhone. But now the figures are unified. iPhones, when using MagSafe chargers, can reach up to 15 W, and it is exactly the same what you will have access to with the Qi2 standard no matter what brand your mobile phone is.

Is it the best charging system?

Exceptions continue to exist, as some manufacturers continue, at least for now, to use their native technology for wireless charging. And that means there can be brands that raise the level of speed charging to leave behind the global limit of 15 W. For example, OnePlus brand mobile users can reach up to 50 W, so there are still exceptions regarding the limits. Of course, the generalization that the standard will make will help balance and better understand this technology beyond those isolated cases where the speeds are higher.

Wireless charging case for mobile

Is an improvement expected in the future for Qi2? The truth is that yes. It is said that it is possible that, in 2024, we will see the standard increase its maximum loading speed levels and that it could even reach be above 15 W. You should not bet on seeing it in the first months of the year, but it is not a bad panorama. Aside from that, no one can deny that wired charging is still the fastest way to fill the battery, but it is also true that, when you try a system like the MagSafe, it doesn’t take long to get used to it. So we keep our fingers crossed that this new standard hits hard and that the technology moves forward. For now, get ready, because you are going to start seeing many chargers in stores and a large number of them are surely personalized or have curious designs.



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