Thanks to his young AirTag, he tracks his lost wallet on the plane.

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An airline user American Airlines use your AirTag hidden in his wallet to keep track of him during a trip to more than 30 cities.

The AirTag of Manzana It has undoubtedly helped many people around the world to find their lost items, especially lost luggage in airports.

The new tracking history with your AirTags.

This time, a passenger named john lewis you just forgot your wallet on a plane American Airlines.

Although the airline says it couldn’t find his wallet, Lewis You are seeing your portfolio fly through many cities.

The information of people who used the Apple Item Finder to find lost luggage, but now the owner of a AirTag he has used the device to find his wallet while traveling through 35 cities.

The super useful coins AirTagsallows users to see the location of their objects through find my networkwhich uses devices Manzana connected to the accessory to share its location with the owner of the AirTag. As expected, Lewis was able to see exactly where his wallet was.

At the end of January, American Airlines contacted john lewis to inform you of the loss of your wallet. American Airlines reported that the crew had thoroughly cleaned it and could not find it.

Lewis shared how his wallet was tracked thanks to his AirTag on Twitter.

The passenger in his personal account Twitterexplains that he left his wallet on the plane after an hour’s delay on the original flight prevented him from connecting.

It is not easy to find lost objects in this type of situation, but Lewis introduced a air tag in your wallet.

Lewis quotes on his twitter verbatim the following:

I can track my wallet and it’s still on the plane, which has reached more than 35 cities since Tuesday.”says the passenger in a video.

He has contacted the airline several times, but they tell him again that they do not know where his wallet is.

They said they had completely vacated the plane, but how can you completely vacate the plane if the bag is still on the plane and you don’t have it yet?

After contacting American Airlines in Twitterthe airline asked for more information about the current location of the wallet.

However, a message recently posted on Twitter It indicated that the airline has not yet found the missing wallet.

Learn about other cases of tracking with your AirTag.

Since the launch of the AirTags in 2021, we have read several reports on how they have been used to find lost luggage.

One of the well-known stories is, an employee of a airline of Florida was caught with stolen luggage worth more than $15,000 thanks to a AirTag.

Another story, a newlywed couple returning from their honeymoon discovered that they had lost their luggage thanks to a AirTag.

In January, a passenger from Air Canada discovered after a flight that his lost luggage was on another continent, and the AirTag it indicated that the luggage was more than 8,000 kilometers and an ocean away.

That same month, a woman used AirTag to hold accountable United Airlines of the loss of your luggage for several days.

For the month of August 2022, the lost luggage of a couple flew through Portugal without them, but thanks to AirTag they were able to retrieve it five days later.

Of course, this does not mean that AirTag works in all situations or is extremely precise.

But the accessory has already proven itself in many cases, and it would be a great help to have it on hand when traveling.

location device AirTag of Manzana it costs 29 dollars, but you can buy a pack of four devices for 99 dollars, we suggest paying this amount and not having to lose more valuable items due to the loss of your luggage or personal item.