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#TGIQF Newsquiz: Which software company is now called “Alludo”?

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SpaceX, the ICE L and the twitter culture of discussion – put your current news knowledge to the test in the quiz!

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SpaceX is launching a satellite that could become the second brightest object in the night sky. The railway is testing the new ICE L and Apple is standardizing the working memory of the iPhone 14 – if you have read our reports carefully, you can get the full number of points in our weekly review quiz. As usual, the quiz runs on time. The quicker you answer each question, the more points you earn.

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#TGIQF – You have topic suggestions?

Do you have ideas for a Friday quiz or would you like to write one for us yourself? Then please send the quiz master a message! We welcome suggestions from the community.

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Please keep the forum free of spoilers so as not to spoil the fun of quizzes for other participants. You are of course welcome to share your results. To keep up to date with the latest from the IT world, please follow us Twitteron Facebook or on Instagram.

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